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Dissent or attempt of succession?

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Mayank Kumar
Independent Columnist and researcher in Delhi University.

“Communists want absolute freedom so that if they fail to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticize, but also to overthrow the state”. These were the words of Dr. BR Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly about Communists. What we are witnessing since the last two and half years, is the same that Dr. Ambedkar predicted 68 years back.With the unprecedented victory of Narendra Damodardas Modi on the seat of power in New Delhi, their is a rising ultra-left propaganda or say desperation. It is not that it was not present before but now Left pseudo-intelligentsia is feeling threatened that their unquestionable control over the whole education system primarily in Central Universities would get affected. So, in this desperation they are restoring to all types of activities through which they would tarnish the Indian State. But it is only a small angle in this whole COMMUNIST GAME. The covert ideas are what we are not paying attention to, is perhaps the most dangerous thing and direct attack for what our forefathers gave their life to earn for us and due to which we are living and talking to each other DEMOCRACY.

It is true that under Article 19 of Part 3 of our Constitution, we have freedom of speech and expression which is the Magna Carta of Indian democratic values, this article is aimed at establishing ”a government of laws and not of people”. But very cunningly under the garb of freedom of speech, Ultra-leftists are playing their Secessionist agenda. Under the Indian Constitution, the states have no right to secede from the federation. Communists want to create a situation after which people get so angry with the state, that they respond with violence to overthrow it. In the last two years the debate has totally been shifted. Now we are not discussing that how anyone can question The Idea of India for which the likes of Subhas Chandra Bose gave their lives, nobody is discussing how someone can call The Supreme Court of India as Murderer. The Ultra-left has shifted the debate to, what is wrong in questioning anything as we have freedom of expression. Freedom of expression does not mean that you have the right to question the very idea which has given you the right to freedom of expression.

The broader aim of this leftist idea is to de-legitimize the various institutions which are the bedrock of our democratic system and ultimately throw them with an armed rebellion which they are trying since many years in various remote areas of our country by falsely luring the innocent people, but now they have opened a new front through the Central academic institutions by trying to indoctrinate young minds. The event of Delhi University should not be seen as an isolated event, its an episode of a larger anti-constitutional program of the left. G.N
Saibaba, a professor of Delhi University was arrested in 2014, on the testimony of Hem Mishra, a JNU student, that he was urban recruiter of Maoists. The JNU episode where anti-national slogans were raised etc. are other episodes in this larger game plan.

When the Communist party won the elections under the leadership of E.M.S.Namboodripad in Kerala, every political commentator believed it to be a miracle that Left came to power democratically. However, its an irony that the Left can never be democratic. Now, India needs to decide what they want, Secessionist agenda, which would lead to Communist revolution or Democracy. But don’t forget the words of George Orwell that “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.”

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Mayank Kumar
Independent Columnist and researcher in Delhi University.

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