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Knowing ABVP, its mission and contribution

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Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Independent Columnist and researcher in Delhi University.

“True progress is slow but sure. Work among those young men who can devote heart and sole to one’s duty.Awake them,unite them,and inspire them with the spirit of renunciation”, these were the words of Swami Vivekananda in 1891. ABVP is the student organization which claims to follow that path. It is famously said that youth life is the most precious life. The way in which you utilize this period will decide the nature of coming years that lies ahead of the nation. According to an utilising youth life for nationalism and bring back the lost glory of Bharat is important.

ABVP is the only student organisation which was at the forefront of many agitations that our country has witnessed. Starting from the Goan liberation movement of 1961, the participation in large numbers during the Chinese aggression, the relentless fight against corruption in Gujarat and Bihar in the early 1970’s ,the massive presence in the fight against the emergency in which more than 5000 members of ABVP were imprisoned under the MISA. As a nationalist ideological movement, ABVP has been fighting a long and igorous war against anti-national ideologies, even at the cost of sacrificing its young and dedicated workers. The ABVP’s bold fight against Naxalism and left wing extremism, where many of our volunteers were brutally murdered , is an example of the kind of commitment to nationalism, patriotism and selflessness for the motherland.

The first martyr of independent Bharat Syama Prasad Mookerjee said “the character of youth determines the life or death of the nation” ABVP stand by that line whenever the integrity of the nation is threatened. The situation of Kashmir in late 1980s and early 1990s was such period. It was a time when the ancient land of Kashyap Rishi was threatened due to various internal and external factors. ABVP as the nationalist students organization fought tooth and nail at the crisis for the motherland. The Kashmir blunder of Nehru which resulted in not fully integration of Kashmir with India and imposition of article 370 which is nothing but a blot on our ideals of nationalism. Article 370 was imposed despite heavy opposition in constituent assembly from all quarters. The situation of Kashmir decline slowly,but after 1971 war,the Pakistan army started fueling fire in the already messy situation of Kashmir. The vote-hungry politicians also not helped the situation.

In the winter of 1990, local newspapers in the Kashmir valley published press release issued by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, asking Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley. The terrorists started killing the Hindus and challenging the state. Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir. At that time ABVP showed for what it stands for, “Nationalism and togetherness”. ABVP took the open challenge of Islamists head-on.
ABVP believes in the ideas of Ambedkar. He said”Communists want absolute rights so that if they fail to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticize, but also to overthrow the state,” These were the uteruses of Dr BR Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly about Communists.

He dismissed class struggle and called himself staunch enemy of Communism. Seventy years down the line, the same people for whom Ambedkar had such thoughts are trying their best to hijack the Ambedkarite ideas and India’s educational institutions. The recent incident of Hyderabad Central University, where a Dalit student committed suicide was used like a weapon to create a divide in the pluralistic society of this great land in the name of Ambedkar movement.

Any death is very sad, but politics over death is more adverse. No one is asking how an organization claiming to follow the ideas of Ambedkar is celebrating “Beef party and”Yakub hanging” as martyr’s day. Ambedkar said, “saving cow is central to Indian culture”, and he was the architect of Bharat’s constitution in which ban on cow slaughter is in directive principal of state policy, also Yakub was given death sentence according to the judgement of the highest court of Bharat of which Ambedkar was the strongest propagator.

The self-proclaimed saviours of India’s educational institutions are those who say that, they didn’t believe in boundaries and oppose every wrongdoing but at the same time pass a resolution hailing the Tiananmen square massacre of 1989, in which thousands of innocent student where brutally killed because they where fighting for freedom of speech in universities and democratic rights in China. This incident shows hypocrisy of Leftists at its best.

But the bottom line is different, which is not shown, that is Indian Leftists are working to benefit anti-nationals and Islamic extremists. Those who are spearheading the campaign and calling it an “institutional murder” are those who oppose Indian culture and ethos but go on to receive Calgary Peace award in US which indirectly promotes Christianity. The point is that in educational institutions, the Left of India is facing the threat of extinction as they are the last terrain of ideological control. Bengal has gone, Kerala has gone, they are suffering everywhere.

So,they want to create an atmosphere of fear, lawlessness and anarchy. The tragedy is that Communists who are claiming legacy of Ambedkar, believe in Leninism and Marxism of which Ambedkar was the biggest critique. They believe on foreigners like Marx, Lenin, Engels and Stalin while Ambedkar always called for Indianisation. Ambedkar was always against dictatorship and stood for democracy, while Communists always try to capture public institutions. Bengal was the finest example in which all posts in higher academic centres were given according loyalty parade of CPM.

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Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar
Independent Columnist and researcher in Delhi University.
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