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Allegations against Chief Justice of India, victim of own making and political treachery of ‘lobby’

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The sexual harassment charges against the Chief Justice of India by one of his junior officers has although brought down the reputation of the judiciary at least at perception level but it also shows the larger picture about the possible consequences of institutions of higher reputation if it appears to have side the lobby and wants to tarnish the reputation of the government headed by Modi. He is known for his honesty, probity and firmness in dealing corruption without any favour or fear.

Most of the institutions under the government of the dynast in the past had made several institutions to dance to its tune and that is how the famous phrase the CBI has earned called it is a ‘caged parrot’.

But when Narendra Modi came to power, the autonomy and independence of most of the institutions were restored; his government did not interfere in the free and fair functioning of the institutions but demanded public trust, accountability and probity.

Unfortunately the heads and the prospective future heads of some of the institutions may have found it strange to pledge accountability and responsibility to the nation and hence became part of the lobby. Indirectly they started to malign the reputation of the institution thinking that they were attacking Modi government.

The conduct of former chief of Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan was seen largely only from the above context. Similarly the public protest of the judges of Supreme Court of India against the then Chief Justice of India was also seen as part of fulfilling the agenda of the lobby than discharging the responsibility and duty that they owe to the institution in which they work.

Interestingly things have changed, the contour, colour and shape of all such relations have changed, the cause or the tool of the lobby has become the victim or has come at the receiving end.

The merit of the allegation against Chief Justice of India cannot be trusted or dismissed fully as no such incidents would leave sufficient evidences in public for people to verify. But the larger point that embroiled in the allegation needs to be discussed. If the incident were true, why the details were shared to some select media houses that are assumed to be linked with the lobby and why was the affidavit shared to all those judges who were not at all party to the case or the investigation?

The above act clearly reveals the hidden motives than the truth present in the allegation. Thanks to the able governance of Narendra Modi and his impartial style of working, the government could restrain most of the media houses not to debate the issue without sufficient evidences as it would damage the reputation of highest office of judiciary in India.

Modi acted more as a statesman, patriot, a leader of exemplary character and stature.  Whereas the person who is the storm of allegation purposefully made a twist during their protest against the then Chief Justice of India that the allocation of Justice Loya’s case was also one of the causes for their protest. 

People of India, especially the educated youths and the citizens who love our country must see how the government of Modi has come forward to protect the dignity and integrity of the office of Chief Justice of India. The union Finance Minister has traveled miles ahead and made a statement about the impeccable integrity of the Chief Justice of India and the treacherous and malicious intentions of the lobby to malign most of the institutions in India if the institution stood with justice and rule of law than with the lobby.

The point of the debate is not about the allegation over Chief Justice of India but it is all about how the lobby of certain political party which promote the culture of dynasty and ‘punkah coolie’ are onto damage India for their self- gratification.

Even during election season, BJP stands for values, patriotism, dignity and respect of institutions and that is why the party has never made any attempt to malign the institutions in India.  Whereas the lobby is working at the behest of some political party of the dynast that promote the culture of dynasty and ‘punkah coolie’ and wants to destroy India, cause instability, breed corruption and nepotism.

India needs a stable and decisive government headed by Narendra Modi who will neither bend for the lobby nor would allow corruption and nepotism to crawl in the administration. India, its dignity, development, national security, sab ka vikas alone are the mission and agenda of PM Modi. Whereas if power is given to the dynast or Tukde Tukde gangs, they would use the power to dilute all the corruption cases against them and hardly would they have time for governance or development. 

Save India from dynastic forces and forces that want to fragment our growth, development and national security. It would be the lobby that would rule the country if the dynast is elected to power. Hope people of India would elect Narendra Modi with massive majority and will ensure the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas.

The exemplary leadership quality of PM Modi should inspire people to vote for his government once again and not to the corrupt and negative politics of the dynast.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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