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The changes that Narendra Modi brought after becoming the Prime Minister

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The topic is big and interesting in its own, but I am trying to share my view about.

We in India after 2014 have seen a major political change, Narendra Modi became a PM, people voted him for a hope and gave him full majority. People had got tired hearing daily scams. India saw more than 10 Million crore of scams in 10 years.

In 2014 India got a PM who listens his people, talks to them and share his thoughts with them on various digital platforms, which was very much required to create a positive aura in the country. If common people can get in touch with PM and gets a reply from him, or solution as expected; people would want such PM to rule the country, forever. PM should have connect to the people which Modi has filled the gap. India requires more and more improvement on every aspect. So yes, hopes are higher.

He is working tirelessly to fulfill people’s hopes as much as he can (without any personal leave). He took some decisions which were too much required and was getting delayed from years and years. #OROP (one Rank 1 pension) is one such example. His cabinet approved #OROP as soon as they can, as was a demand from our armed forces as there was difference in pension who got retired earlier on same rank. They were getting less so veterans have demanded to implement #OROP. It was pending from years which he approved with a priority. My father was also an army personnel who got his pension with arrier. Such decision making power was required which he has.

He has a lot of critics from opposition and media but he doesn’t justify or give reply to anyone. He is busy with work, taking decisions for Public.

#Demonetisation was his second major decision to block the way of black money and to give a shock to scamsters. common people have faced issues but they are with PM, because they know for what he has taken this decision. As a common man I also have faced issues standing in line but our problem is nothing. This Decision was required for our economy and system.

“During the days of Demonetisation 8 Nov 2016, My father was admitted in Hospital (AIIMS) and was suffering from esophagus carcinoma. We also faced issues because cash was the main transaction method. Friends and society helped and it was solved easily.”

Many villages faced more problems because of few issues in implementation and corrupt mindset of a few bank officials. But people kept faith and it was all done. After that, banks got surplus money and homeloan interest got cheaper and subsidy is announced. Talking about schemes launched by the Modi govt., list is long. But below are a few.

  • Make in India
  • OROP
  • Pradhan mantri Krishi Sinchai and Fasal Bima Yojna
  • DDU Gram Jyoti Yojna
  • APY
  • NPS
  • Pradhanmantri Man Ki Baat
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
  • Income Declaration scheme
  • Skill Development scheme
  • PM Ujjwala scheme
  • Digital India Scheme
  • Sankalp Se Siddhi
  • PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna+ Suraksha Bima scheme
  • PM Mudra scheme
  • PM Jandhan scheme

List is long.

Most important thing is the implementation and monitoring of these schemes. That has got changed. Now, politics has changed and opposition parties are trying to attack, defame and demean incumbent government’s schemes. For this, they are going on personal level. That has got changed.

Before him no other PM had this type of people connect. If any PM earlier had, that was AB Bajpayee. But he couldn’t be as efficient as Narendra Modi since that era was not digital. We have seen two PM in Digital Era, and Modi has a good connect with people. Its well known he is taking decision for people not for the political mileage.

Now the major change is mindset of people. They have faith to be developed. He is creating a positive aura and making India proud again on every aspect.

These are the few changes we feel after 2014 in India.

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