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An open letter to the BJP leadership from a supporter in Uttar Pradesh

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Dear Modi ji, Amit Shah ji, and anyone else,

I am an aspiring youth of this nation from its largest State Uttar Pradesh and BJP supporter since I attained consciousness and understanding of politics. The reason being, throughout my childhood I heard and witnessed the corrupt and biased politics of Congress at center, and in the state, the partisan politics of both regional parties BSP & SP.

I perceived BJP as the “Party with difference” and under the leadership of PM Modi saw the ability to change the plight of this great nation. I know change is continuous process and it isn’t possible in 3 years. But at the same time, people at ground who face distress can’t wait for long.

Opposition parties can go to any extent to capture the power and capitalize on existing social divide for short term political goals. This is the fault-line we have recently witnessed in Gujarat elections. I am writing this today because, we do not want to land the same way as in 2004 and halt the process of “Vikas” and “New India”.

I am middle class youth who fights in supports of your vision and policies at ground level, at Paan-shops, tea-shops, in buses, and give arguments like long term vision, 70 years vs 3 years, no corruption charges, and many more when people try to question Modi government. But when I sit along with like-minded people (all supporters of BJP) and youth of this generation, we feel disappointed.

While we all admire and cherish the way our PM works, we feel helpless about the local leadership, state government, weak implementation of policies with no reach at ground levels. While the initial months of UP government were admired by the people of the state, now the government has become as usual like its earlier predecessors, even worse from them at various levels.

Anyone can ask from any government employee or people, how corruption has become more institutionalized from Thanas to Secretariat level. Except few, all the ministers and legislators have become the medium of posting, contract allocation with no focus on ground level. Like satisfying their power-hunger after being last 15 years in opposition.

No changes in health amenities, education standard and public transport and not any visible indications for change in near future. And these are the issues faced by public at local level. While all over India, BJP celebrated the victory in UP’s urban local bodies, supporters like me know how the graph of victory was on decline from Municipalities to Nagar panchayats. And this is quite similar pattern to urban/rural divide in Gujarat too.

It is quite visible from the example that in urban centers like Noida or Lucknow, we found public transport like buses at every minute, but not a single bus for local transport in many districts of Purvanchal – the region which was the epic center of BJP’s 2014 election. Ask the youth of UP, huge delay in every government vacancies on the name of maintaining transparency; which does not go well with fast-moving generation. They have become more cynical about the the way of government functioning and faltering on the promises agreed before polls.

These are other issues on similar lines. Truth is “Vikas is trying but not able to reach where it should”.

The mandate received by BJP government was evident of the trust voters places in the party. Government should try to prove its work on ground. Merely engaging in debates isn’t going to influence the youth anymore.

This letter can be criticized, may be understood as way to gain some likes and shares on the social media; But I had to write because we all know that BJP is the only political party which can deliver and realise the dream of the inclusive “New India”. And for that BJP needs to win general elections of 2019.

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