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The hegemony of Left in educational institutions – Indoctrination of the youth

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A large chunk of Indian college campuses have become cesspools of leftism & indoctrination centre. The phenomenon is neither new nor it has its origin linked with the rise of Nationalistic Power at the centre. The roots of leftism sugar-coated in liberalism is deeply ingrained in the education system. School textbooks and curriculum are being written for the purpose of Leftist indoctrination, with the actual education of our youth playing second fiddle.

Liberal thugocracy overshadows the democratic environment required for proper development of the mind. The sophisticated process of indoctrination begins from the very first day. An indoctrination which produces future leaders of this country to hate the very idea of India & question its existence. There are various stages & process through which a student has to go through. The stages which completely drains a young individual. Ultimately Impressionable students – even those who grew up in conservative, patriotic homes – end up parroting the same garbage they hear in the classroom.

Stage 1 : Creating a false impression about India & painting a disturbed of Picture of the country :

The very first step the leftist professors do to capture the imagination & create a diabolical atmosphere is by criticizing our own country. Completely new to this, the students find this narration quite peculiar , catchy and modernistic as they hear such things for the very first time. They go with the flow and feel the grassroot reality was being hidden from them till now. They get attracted to the evil like a bee to the scent of nectar. They are made to believe that India is on the brink of destruction because of ‘majoritarianism”. They are constantly reminded that taking up a nationalistic cause is a part of that ‘Majoritarianism‘. They do it in their own good way by quietly citing examples to prove the pathetic condition of India in between their lectures. Slowly the poison is mixed in the daily activities to make the students turn pessimistic about their country . One begins to question its own identity as an Indian.


Kashmir is one of the favourite topics for these leftists ignorant. Eminent historians and professors spoon feed the students about the ‘human rights’ violation in Kashmir and project the Indian army as rapists.

They publish report on how Indian government and army is torturing innocent Kashmiris. They make this as a part of project study. The students get a one-sided picture.

Strangely no one educates them about the jihad which is taking place in Kashmir. Most young freshers would know about Gujarat riots. It has been imprinted on their mind that violent Hindutva was responsible but no one bothers about the 59 charred bodies inside the compartment of Godhra. The youth is unaware of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Pandits from valley. They are unaware about how a community was forced to leave their homeland and the professors want them to be ignorant of such issues otherwise the indoctrination process will be more tiresome.

Stage 2 : Creating a caste divide –

After penetrating the minds of their students and making them believe that their country is the worst place to live in, the professors go on to create a false Aryan-Dravidian myth.They target the dalits & students from OBC background & make them believe that this country & democracy is not for them . The urban naxalites challenge such students to overthrow Indian Democracy. The torch bearers of unity are the ones to create a divide. Hatred is sowed in the minds that upper class majority. They propagate that the Hindu community has to be taught a lesson and for that cause everything is fair.

For example, the fiasco in IIT madras in 2015 highlights the sinister plot:

The posters were clearly intended to grab attention, create a ruckus and incite enmity and anger amongst the students belonging to different castes and religions. Dalit and OBC students are lured into believing that Brahminical hegemony is destroying their lives.

These so-called civilised leftists has only one rule – To mock, ridicule and destroy our Nation. They can’t tolerate nationalistic ideas nor do they want anyone to propagate it . Even ex-army men are stopped from expressing their views.

Stage 3 : In the name of anti- majoritarianism anti -Hindu teachings are nurtured & inculcated:

The young minds are made to believe that Hindu religion is the most violent and nasty religion. A narrative is built, devoid of facts, to make one feel ashamed of one’s Hindu identity. Demeaning hindu traditions, insulting Hindu Gurus &  mocking Hindu festivals become a part of the classroom programme.

The left-leaning “liberals” have an agenda that has nothing to do with teaching children how to think and everything to do with teaching them what to think, or to think in politically correct terms by the official standards set forth by handful of armchair activists and leftists. Recently a Delhi University professor used abusive language against Ma Durga and this has been a kind of tradition inside the left bastions. They use derogatory words against Hindu Goddess &  ridicule them.


I have no qualms in asserting that it would appear that professors like Nandini Sundar are more part-time Urban Naxalites rather than teaching staff imparting knowledge. In a shocking revelation, recently an arrested Naxalite said Nandi Sundar has links with hardline ultras.

Panda allegedly named Delhi University professor Nandini Sundar and rights activist Bela Bhatia among others and said they drove on a motorbike into the Sukma forests to meet Naxal commanders. Imagine such persons shaping our future generations. She is there in the university to serve as a link. A link between innocent youths & naxals. A link which motivates and encouraging youth to revolt against their very own nation.

Another such urban naxal who propagated these vicious ideas before finally getting arrested was Prof Sai baba. Beef festivals are organised inside campuses just for insulting Hindu religion.

Stage 4 : In this final stage the professors choose their favourite student who can carry on this propaganda and lead the movement to uproot Indian culture .

They groom such students and aid them to stamp their authority in the college and bring more innocent souls under its umbrella for further indoctrination. The process is cumulative & has a cascading effect. Now the youth leaders of yesterday take up the baton and try to train the new batch. ‘Youth leaders’  like Shehla Rashid & Kanhaiya Kumar are seen as some modern day revolutionaries. When such obedient disciples targets Indian soldiers and term them as rapist, their masters from above must be breathing a sigh of relief mission accomplished

Re-Writing History & changing it according to their whim : 

In between all the stage there lies an intermediate stage which is called upon whenever required, to suit their propaganda. And that is presenting an imaginative history of our country and suppression of real facts. This indoctrination takes place from primary school. The complete lack of accuracy in history and the social sciences in the classroom is not readily detectable. Instead of learning about the rich cultural heritage of ancient Bharat and the innovations which the world has acknowledged, middle school students are fed Mughal Culture. Come 8th and 9th grades they get warped lessons of Muslim architecture & how great Mughal leaders were. They are taught about the majestic forts they built and how they were important for the building of Modern India. What is suppressed is their brutality & butchery. “Historical” buildings include none other than a bunch of Mughal era mausoleums and British era buildings, there is nothing there. No Thanjavur, Madurai temple or any of Chola UNESCO world heritage sites, no Konark, no Hampi, no Ellora or Belur.

There is no mention inventions of iron smelting and metallurgy techniques used in ancient India. This is all thanks to leftist control of our nation’s colleges and even schools. Leftists’ know one of the best ways to undermine India was to raise up generation after generation of students ignorant of our country’s rich, patriotic heritage.

Pressure tactics & Social boycott: 

Climbing the career ladder in academia toward tenure is a years-long undertaking that typically demands that a professor publish scholarly research. This can be a perilous undertaking for young conservative academics who may find themselves being vetted by a left-leaning tenure board. In the citadels of left it is either their way or no way. The moment you differ & take a different stance on some major political issue severe backlash is waiting for the concerned person. Take for example the case of Madhu Kishwar where she was denied her institutional affiliation for availing the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi National Professorship awarded to her by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)

CSDS: A Citadel Of “Academic Freedom” Being Unmasked By Madhu Kishwar

If this can happen to an eminent and reputed scholar just imagine how ordinary students are being treated inside the left bastions. Students will think  about their academic career. They will ultimately bow down and have to forcefully accept the leftist narrative. And if a nationalistic student tries to stand up against the hegemony, the professor fails that student – sabotaging her grades and her future career. The so-called ‘democratic spaces’ are actually ‘left hegemonic space’ .

People in the established left have trouble accepting the legitimacy of Indian state & want their students to take up the cause. If left unchecked, conservatives/nationalists may lose our colleges altogether, and then our country.

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