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Are all the courts of India completely unbaised?

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It has been 69 years, 8 months and 7 days since the death of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and we have an initiation of investigation as per our supreme court by appointing a senior advocate and the outcome may just be on papers similar to his photo on the paper bill (Rupees).

There’s another past issue now which needs an earnest attention:

The issue of Kashmiri Pandits

In this issue, we don’t have any leader/individual but a whole complete community (whatever left of them) of the geographical head of our country which literally was (sad to say in past tense) once Maha Shakti Peetha.

In this case, the same supreme court says “it is difficult to have any probe and collect evidence on the issue more than 27 years after the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits”

Isn’t it a duplicity of our own? They will defend it someway if asked a question over this hypocrisy! and I may be completely wrong for which I must apologize (but does anyone dare/care or have a right to ask them?)

Why are incompetent people put into places who cannot even try to appear a bit fair?

This is not the first time if someone ushers the past! The above question can be easily supported by:

There have been cases against an acting judge of supreme court Shri V. Ramaswami of the supreme court (who even gained support from the then acting government), Justice Soumitra Sen of Kolkata high court (his words: “who is above making mistakes, no human being is infallible”), or even a very recent case by a police officer against the Kerela high court justice Shri P D Rajan for partiality towards some of his relatives. 

Such cases scream at us saying that the people in the shoe of the ‘Judge’ or ‘justice’ may not be always right! So, one must consider countries past history and again look into the matter of the Kashmiri Pandits to ensure that they still someway get back to their homes and live there with pride! This would be the least what anyone can do for them!

The pseudo-left, ultra-left, or centre or liberals would never care for this inhuman act which we have put into graves of past. This may be hounding minds of Non-Kashmiri Hindus, but can one imagine the condition of those kicked out Kashmiris even today?  I sincerely hope someone who has the capability and ability attempts to give justice to this horrific issue if not to undo the past!

If we have the Supreme court to be ‘SUPREME’ then why are many of the reforms adviced by them getting sidelined by the past or present Governments: May it be in the slaughterhouses, money laundering, reservation, Indian Citizens holding two passports and currently MP’s  or even banning loudspeakers in the country during a certain time of the day?

Moral of the story: We don’t care lives of human beings if they are Hindus! We do not have any alternative government for this cause! As one in opposition has a legacy of the same person in question (person on currency bill), while the one in power has not cared up to now or even issued any statement over this!

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