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The injustice against Justice Pushpa V. Ganediwala

Justice Pushpa V. Ganediwala's withdrawl from the Bombay HC displays an infantile silence slowly enveloping an otherwise jurisprudentially diverse judicial culture.

No injuries implies no rape

In the flawed order passed by the respected High Court, nucleus of the decision was absence of injury which means absence of resistance and connotes presence of consent. Thus, the court acquitted all the accused of the charges of rape.

The plight of newly arrived: Interns struggling in unsecured and unsafe working environment for their career

In the light of movement like #MeToo in the legal fraternity, now it's time to institutionalize internship mechanism and provide a safe and healthy working environment to law interns with surety of their safety and security.

India’s secularism and the Congress

Since the eternal “Dharma” of this land was made “Nirepekkha” let us examine what the European scholars had to say about it.

The bar of being at “The Bar”

The present structure of the Indian judicial system is a continuation of what was left to us by the colonial rulers.

Repeal the law, not reform

Without developing new markets for the more dynamic lines of activity, agriculture, farmers and the economy will be stuck with a slow-moving cereal economy.

FIR Jihad : एक आधुनिक जिहाद

वो FIR करके हमारी साहस को तोड़ना चाहते हैं पर ऐसा होने वाला नहीं

The metro-centric democracy

We need to move out of the metro cities not only physically but also psychologically. Let us not remain the “Metro-centric” democracy even in the 21st century.

BJP must clear its stand on Anti-Hindu law allowing temple control by state

As a Hindu and as a supporter of the party, I demand answers.

EU GDPR like framework can answer all data protection & privacy woes

With the advent of recent privacy breach by Cambridge Anaylatica which led to misuse of many Facebook users' data either by tricking them to...

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