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मनस्वी म्रियते कामं कार्पण्यं न तु गच्छति । अपि निर्वाणमायाति नानलो याति शीतताम् ॥

The forgotten science of ancient Hindus

The purpose of this article is to present the link and logical affinities between Hindu scientific investigation and that of Greeks, Chinese, and Saracens, as well as to provide a comprehensive, albeit brief, account of middle ages India's entire scientific work in terms of the development of other lands.

India’s secularism and the Congress

Since the eternal “Dharma” of this land was made “Nirepekkha” let us examine what the European scholars had to say about it.

Bengal: Is TMC disrespecting people’s mandate?

After 2011 people of Bengal desperately wanted a change and that change came through Trinamool Congress. But it soon became what it fought against.

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