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Kashmiri Pandits

A case of “justice denied”

The Supreme Court of India, in July 2017, declined to entertain a petition seeking investigation into the alleged mass murder of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley in 1989-90, during the heights of militancy.

Some lives matter, some Don’t

Remember, no one took the rising extremism seriously enough in the 80s and then "The Kashmiri Pandit Genocide" took place. Let's not make more Kashmirs, and hope lives of people can be better all across, despite religion, despite creed, ethnicity or class.

Kashmir: The truth ‘unheard’ or denied to be heard?

Kashmiri pandits, this is not just a word to identify a group but a name with an expression, an experience which is spoken about but wrongly, an experience which is agreed upon only to disagree.

The Kashmir Files – Part 2; why you should not watch it!

When was the time that majority of Indians were living in peace and harmony?

बेपर्दा होते गुनाहगार

कश्मीरी पंडितों के दर्द को देख कर लोगों का स्वाभाविक आक्रोश फूट पड़ा और निशाने पर आई लगभग आधी सदी तक देश की सत्ता का सिरमौर रही कांग्रेस।

द कश्‍मीर फ़ाइल्‍ज़: मुसलमान भी तो मारे गए थे!

इधर एक कुतर्क बहुधा दिया जाता है- सिर्फ़ हिन्‍दू ही नहीं, मुसलमान भी मारे गए थे। इस दलील में बेईमानी और धूर्तता की बू आती है। वो इसलिए क्‍योंकि इस तरह की दलील देने वाले की नीयत को परखिए। वो आख़िर तपाक से यही क्‍यों कह रहे हैैं?

Kashmir beyond The Kashmir Files

The film is not an ordinary film but a cinematic experience that with a simple storyline exposes the state of the Indian establishment and its failure to stop the brutal massacre of native Hindus of Kashmir.

Why Kashmir Files?

The horror tales did keep trickling in and we read them with our desensitised minds, protecting our intellect by the armour of aloofness.

KP Genocide: Dismantling the “Jagmohan Theory”

Indian National Congress makes it clear. They are against Kashmiri Pandits.

The Kashmir Files- Our Schindler’s List

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri indeed stands true to his claims that everything is backed by his four years of research and everything is factual.

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