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KP Genocide: Dismantling the “Jagmohan Theory”

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Congress does it. AGAIN…

Indian National Congress makes it clear. They are against Kashmiri Pandits (currently there is no need for the Dattatreya Kaul connection anyway!).

Congress party (Kerala) tweeted a whole thread of pure hatred and bile – denial of Kashmiri Pandit genocide and effectively calling us liars. See this twitter thread https://twitter.com/INCKerala/status/1503033285470957568
(update: they deleted some tweets. But the proofs remain in screenshots available online)

Firstly – its amusing that Congress felt the compelling need to make such a statement because #TheKashmirFiles is going viral.
Why? The movie points no fingers at Congress or any party explicitly. Audience is left to find for itself. Did a ‘chor ki daadi mein tinka’ syndrome play up automatically? Guilty conscience!

Then they hurl the incredulous JAGMOHAN Theory, that must make Goebels proud. Finally folks mastered his art to perfection. Everyone from Kashmiri Muslims to Congress workers in far away Kerala – repeat the same toolkit line.

“Pandits left because Jagmohan told them to leave overnight, so that to leave overnight, so that he could annihilate Muslims. It was his RSS Agenda”

Even Shashi Tharoor used it once…

More than being limitlessly incredulous – this is actually so full of holes, that it brims on being hilarious. So next time – someone gives you this “Jagmohan theory”, ask them just 10 simple questions…

  1. If Jagmohan was RSS man – how was he a Sanjay Gandhi’s right hand man all through? Was SanjayGandhi RSS man too?
  2. Why did Indira Gandhi make him LG of Delhi and appoint him architect of Asian Games 1982 development? Jagmohan held several high levels posts under Cong govts before that too.
  3. Why did Indira appoint him Governor of J&K in 1984? Was Indira an RSS person too? Just coz Jagmohan didn’t play to their script much later in 1990’s – he got branded RSS man. Otherwise he was secular earlier?
  4. If Jagmohan was a RSS man – why did Farooq praise him to heavens when his first term ended as Governor in July 1989. It is all well recorded in public media. Or read Farooq’s speech when Jagmohan administered him oath at end of his Governors rule. And just few months later Jagmohan became communal/RSS? (the truth is – and old timers in Kashmir (if u find one daring speak truth) will tell you, everyone loved his short reign of GovernorRule)
  5. Did Jagmohan place those press releases in Al-Safa newspaper? Did he go to every mohalla to paste Hindu hitlists too? Was he the one coining slogans in Kashmiri threatening Hindus? (can a Punjabi even pronounce Raliv, Tzaliv, Galiv?)
  6. Was he the one whom Bitta Karate reported to? Was he operating the loud speakers in all mosques across the valley on 19Jan night? (Wow… amazing automation he must have achieved to be everywhere)
  7. How exactly did Jagmohan message lakhs of KPs to leave from every nook and corner of Kashmir? Secret telegram and Whatsapp groups? Targetted SMS? Back then we didnt even have telephones? Jagmohan wasnt even in control of state at 19th Jan 1990 as his appointment just came that day. How did he engineer it without being in power?
  8. If it was a BJP conspiracy then why didn’t they manage to retain Jagmohan? He remained governor in his 2nd term just for mere 3 months. (why? thats another story that gets Cong in trouble. Read – https://ikashmir.net/jagmohan/jagmohan2rajiv.html)
  9. If Jagmohan was the conspirator sent by VP Singh govt to eliminate Kashmiri Muslims… the HomeMinister executing this all was Mufti Mohd Sayed. Whenever a kashmiri Muslim gives you this theory – ask them –> Why did u Kashmiri Muslims elect him as your CM later – if he was the architect of annihilation plan of KMs in 1990?
  10. And if Jagmohan/BJP/RSS engineered ethnic exodus… was Jagmohan omnipresent across centuries too… This is our 7th recorded exodus under Muslim ethnic cleansing. Who engineered our earlier 6 exoduses on the same theme earlier…? Or for that matter – who engineers the annihilation of other religious minorities wherever Islamist Jihad spreads. How many places is Jagmohan present in the world.. all across past millennia?

Koi Logic hai???

Still – you will keep hearing this theory – endlessly.
Thats the power of System… Akhir System to unka hee hai.

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A Soul in Exile. A Kashmiri Pandit Refugee in India. Tech wage slave in Bangalore. News freak in general.
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