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Kashmir: The truth ‘unheard’ or denied to be heard?

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19’90 a year filled with torment for true Indians, happiness for anti Indians and dilemma for a so called ‘majority group’ in a state with ‘presumed minority’. Kashmiri pandits, this is not just a word to identify a group but a name with an expression, an experience which is spoken about but wrongly, an experience which is agreed upon only to disagree. Firdaus says, “if there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!” But is it so? Riots, murder, rape that’s what happens in the ‘ostensible’ heaven of OURS. Kashmir was considered a paradise, origin of intellects, home of the beauty, but that was all forgotten after the prelude of the dark hour which continues even in the present.

There were many riots before, many threats but no action and when acted upon, it seemed as if all those threats were the silence before the beginning of a disaster. They searched each house for Pandits, burnt their houses, held banners to chase them hunted them down, killed the men, raped the women, tortured the family not sparing even children. The Kashmiri Pandits were forced to eat rice with the blood of their family, the women were raped for months, kids and women were kidnapped and sent to Pakistan and this was a chain. All this was done by the so called ‘minority’ in Kashmir. A group of ‘minority’ killed and tortured a group of majority in a few days. The voices of a group of majority was suddenly silenced in a matter of few hours, they were shunned and shoed away from their own houses in a matter of split seconds. All this was done by a group of ‘minority’. 

Ralive, Tsalive, Galive, convert! Run, die yelled on the streets of Kashmir, written on the walls of Kashmiri Pandits by the presumed minorities. This presumption happened because of the assumption by some great students who come from great colleges. All Indian citizens by name but by heart, they all are no different from those who shout and propagate killing in the name of religion. These student popularise being anti-nationals. They live in India, are Indians, demand for everything from India and even expect that their demands are ought to be fulfilled but even after all this, speak against India. Their professors encourage the students to opine that Kashmir should not be a part of India. It can be said that, not all terrorists carry gun, some carry pen as well. 

Strangely, students who speak against India are well educated and well informed but still get brainwashed, they still don’t think on their own. We can’t even blame the students for getting persuaded to think in a certain way. No curriculum in schools or colleges talk about the truth of India. Students are taught about Gandhi but not about his malafide intentions. They are told Kashmir should not be a part of India but not why was Kashmir a part of India. In all History books prescribed there is a contribution of historians such as Romila Thappar who are well known to be writing rhetoric and manipulating the history of India. It can be the truth about the death of Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri or the truth about these Kashmiri pandits being the minority then and now. 

The best example of an Indian being an anti-national is a renowned author who we all know as Suzanna Arundhati Roy. She has always been against the idea of Kashmir being a part of India, Why? Because in her opinion the rallies, killings, and the unjust actions done showed the desire of the Kashmiris to not be a part of India rather than the union. She was not only criticised by the Indian national Congress and Bharatiya janta Party, but also by many nationalists to have such an opinion. She lives in India, is an Indian citizen, wants the nation and the government to fulfil all her malacious demands but is always against the unity of the nation. She is known not only as an author but also as an activist for Human rights and the environment. But not once has she raised her voice that centres on the unity of the nation or that will benefit the society. Another such instance is when she and Medha Patkar who is also an Indian Social activist raised their disagreement in the Sardar Sarovar Project.

Many like them call themselves to be activists and claim to be voicing issues for the benefit of the country whereas their only intention is on how their action can benefit in the destruction of the nation. Calling Mohammad Afzal Guru, who was involved in the 2001 Indian parliament attack to have been scapegoated to saying Kashmir should not be a part of India anymore or being clicked meeting Yasin Malik, who is the murderer of Indian Airforce Officers and also the Kashmiri Pandits proves the point on how superficial she and those who side with her are. She was also They are no less anti nationals than those who openly popularize the idea of disrupting our nation.     

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