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Kashmir Files

Kashmir: The truth ‘unheard’ or denied to be heard?

Kashmiri pandits, this is not just a word to identify a group but a name with an expression, an experience which is spoken about but wrongly, an experience which is agreed upon only to disagree.

Understanding Kashmir as it was

The presence of Kashmir is traced back to the Mahabharata where it was identified as a great republic. Kashmir was prospering until the 13th Century under benevolent Hindu rulers.

Why is The Kashmir Files such a hit?

The average Hindu Indian is generally a docile accepting person. That has been the ethos of the Hindu religion and that is the life he and his past generations have been living.

The Kashmir Files– Review

Considering the ascendant Hindutva movement, it is only appropriate that Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files (2022) has knocked on (and some would argue knocked down) the doors of this hallowed genre.

Opinion: “The Kashmir Files” and its depiction of present social ecosystem

Young millennials believe that Kashmir needs ‘Azaadi’, without knowing from whom and without knowing who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

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