BJP government floundering on core concerns of its core voters

Ever since Modi government took power at the Centre and majority of States thereafter, there was anticipation that the dark days of Minority Appeasement would be banished from our political lexicon.
Alas, it hasn’t been so.

Hindus in particular voted in the majority government for the first time in 30 years, the expectations were high and even today remain so despite nothing to show on ground by the BJP/RSS combine in terms of levelling the playing field. The tall Manifesto promises as usual are election sops to fool the electorate.

Modi himself railed against the Minority Appeasement and Votebank politics of the opposition in general and Congress in particular. However, in these three years except for some cosmetic changes, nothing concrete has been done to assuage BJP’s core voters.

In fact, apart from its affidavit on Triple Talaq and Jamia Millia (issue of withdrawal of minority status) there’s little to show. What concerns the core BJP supporters is the indifference of the government towards renouncing control of Hindu religious places whereas the Mosques and Churches are controlled by the respective communities.

Example of Karnataka, Kerala where Temple donations are used for all sundry expenditures except for betterment of the Temples and Hindus. Karnataka has used these donations for meeting expenses of various minority institutions like the Madarsas.

It’s a shame that an avowed Hindu nationalist party and government has quietly put these burning issues in a cold storage.

If it has failed miserably on this account, its performance on Right to Education is even more dismal. The flawed Act passed by the Parliament allows exemptions to the Minorities but forces the Majority Hindu institutions to respect the Law and full adherence to its provisions.

If RTE is made a fundamental right what exempts the Minority institutions from obligation of the Act? With absolute majority in LokSabha and near majority in Rajya Sabha, it’s time for bringing about radical changes in the RTE. Minority groups, institutions cannot be allowed to escape the Constitutional responsibilities in garb of Minoritism. If a child needs education it cannot be the duty alone of Hindu educational institutions, the duties and responsibilities must be shared by all in India. RTE needs wide ranging changes for universal implementation.

BJP had vociferously raised the question of Kashmiri Pandits resettlement in Valley, resetting or rehabilitating the Pandits is not even on the horizon. It is yet to form its response to the PIL in SC over Art 35 A which defines the Permanent Resident of the state of J&K. Art 370, a temporary provision is no starter, its alliance with PDP looks Unholy and Unhappy, so much for convergence of thought on Kashmir.

The cacophony over Triple Talaq having subsided, the government must focus on the core issue of a Uniform Civil Code for the country. It needs consultations, basic convergence of thoughts and long drawn process before it even goes into the pipeline. But three years, and the government hasn’t moved an inch except articulating its response to the query raised by SC on Triple Talaq.

We can forget about a Ram Mandir for the time being. As the government finds it difficult to even raise basic questions about the so called Secular issues of Uniform Civil Code, Right to Education, Reclaim Temples or even a little contentious Art 370.

Who knows that Modi will return in 2019 to fulfill these aspirations and promises, but so much time has been wasted. However there is still time, after all, well begun is half done!

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