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Train derailment at Muzaffarnagar: An incident or a political conspiracy?

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Our nation observed a very big tragedy on 19th August 2017 as there was a derailment of the train near Muzaffarnagar which for NOW is an accident (why for now?). The mind-numbing part for us would be the aftermath of most of the Biased media and opposition which would follow certain series of event and mostly in chronological order as discussed below. One need not be an astrologer to exactly predict how media/opposition would respond as even the Indian crowd has become accustomed to such illogical reporting (accustomed after 2014, the significance of this year explained below)!

1) Centre and Railway minister would be blamed for this incident.

2) Resignations will be demanded from people who had no relation at all in the tragedy.

3) There will be a resilient attempt to stop any proceedings to be held in the parliament or Rajya Sabha.

4) Some will even link it to some election at someplace which would be held in some part of the country at some time

5) There will be photo sessions of politicians reaching the place of happening.

Now coming to the truth of the incident:

a) Stone pelting:

There have been stone pelting near Muzaffarnagar at around 1 PM which resulted in damaging some window panes and this happened for no reason. One need not guess the culprits as our country is literate enough to know regarding experts of this field, who come with a vast experience from their community from various parts of our country. Cases have been registered and the results are expected very soon (5-10 years or even more as per our standards).

b) Train derailed:

In the same city in the nearby region at around 5:50 PM, the train gets derailed. The train ‘Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express’ was headed from Puri in Odisha to Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Deaths of 5-10 people may not be a big thing as per the population of our country but now put this question to oneself, “What if the dead person was from your own family?”.

Now few of the bigger questions: Whether both the incidents are linked or just a coincidence? Can it be that the mob which gathered at the location for pelting stones planned something? How can someone sideline that there can be some politicians or terrorists who incepted such tragic and horrific plan?

Answers to the above questions are very crucial for us as people. This incident may be a terrorist attack or a conspiracy or just a tragedy.

One cannot deny the fact that carrying out many of such shameful events has been an everyday routine of the people who are not in power. For example: on patriotic song, language, religion or even movies. They are giving an honest attempt at doing something clumsy just to stay in news and be relevant to Indian politics and shadowing anything good done by the present government.

Amidst of such tragedies, ‘Politics’ has been the major cause and has been playing a pivotal role in the generation of such tragedies or tragic incidents. The Opposition party, a self-recognized and self-certified gladiator would make each and every attempt to twist and scramble the truth instead of solving any sort of problem even if it’s against nation’s interest. Each and every incident/accident has been used by them up to now for political mileage, may it be the virtual lynchings, or loss of nation due to Demonetization, GST or even raids on some corrupt politicians. There’s a beautiful saying “Injured Lion is more Dangerous” (Pardon me as I do not want to compare Dual-faced hypocrites to lion). The injury has been done by the Indians by keeping them aloof of power to ensure peace, harmony, development and corruption-free society. Just the problem is that someone needs to awaken them out of their dream run of a decade (2004 – 2014).

With this, we hope that the above series of predictions do not fall in line and are completely eradicated from the happenings in coming days. Finally, as an Indian, we give in our hearty condolences for the families of their loss.

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