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Why I simply reject to respect Islam

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.

The Bengal is burning. The leftist elitist people who call themselves ‘Liberal’ are silent. But someone surely has to speak out. It all started when a 17 year old boy shared a Facebook post depicting ‘Kaaba’ as ‘Shivling’. I really do not understand why is it so outrageous? Why should this incident boil the blood of Muslims? According to me it is the most beautiful depiction of unity of Islam and Hinduism as is the painting of Krishna showing ‘Eid Ka Chand’ to Muslims.

Why can’t ‘peaceful’ people get comfortable with it? Why do they always have to be violent when it comes to their religion? Why can’t the ‘peaceful’ people have the courage to be confronted? Is their religion and their prophet so small to be offended by just a Facebook post that too of a small boy? I won’t go into the holy book of Islam i.e ‘Quran’. It will surely be meaningless.

It is right to talk about what Islam is in real world. And in real world Islam happens to be an extremely violent religion. And its all over the world. Today world is facing the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism. World Trade Centre, Mumbai, Paris, London, Madrid, Mali its all over. Death for Adultery, Death for Apostasy, Death for Blasphemy, Death for Homosexuality, Gender Segregation, Female Genital Mutilation, Inequality between Men and Women in Legal Proceedings, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Hinduism, Anti-Catholicism, Death threats for insulting Muslims. Polygamous Marriages.

There are 39 to 50 Muslim countries in the world. None of them is secular or even close to being a secular state. Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, the custodian of its holy sites, women are not allowed to Drive here. Compulsion of Hijab, not allowed to get out of home on Muharram. But then I am told that it is just the extreme fringe of Islam. Its really stupid to call Saudi Arabia the extreme fringe of Islam. Its like calling Haridwar or Shani Shingnapur the extreme fringe of Hinduism. Still If I were to believe that what about the other countries, what about Iran where women are stoned for adultery, blasphemy, executed for being raped? What about Yemen where Child Marriage is allowed? In fact what about our country where men are allowed to be polygamous just because they are Muslims?

Still with all these extreme versions of Islam I am told that Islam is a peaceful religion. I am sorry I just don’t buy it. I am told to respect Islam. I am told to avoid criticizing Islam. I am just not given a good reason. ‘Why?’. I  just don’t get why I am so obliged to revere an ideology I simply don’t agree with. People criticizing and leaving Islam are threatened with death by ‘the peaceful followers’ of it. And that precisely does not make it peaceful. I will surely respect Islam when I don’t see all this extreme versions of it overshadowing the peaceful ones. Till then I have full right to  criticize Islam as I am not a born Muslim and live in a secular democratic country. And that does not make me a bigot. But all the so called liberals and Islamofascists not wanting me too speak up about it makes them one.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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