To safeguard democracy; India needs a credible Opposition

“Doomed are the kingdoms who are ruled by ruthless benevolent dictators”. This phrase signifies the exact situation of democracy in India today. One side are the benevolent modern-day Chanakyas of the BJP stitching merciless plots and undermining every mandate of democracy to satisfy their greed for power. Other side is the crumbled grand old Indian National Congress which for long has harboured mini-dynasties and now looked upon as the flag-bearers of nepotism; lacking of proper courage and advice; struggling for its existence. What happened in Bihar is the worst murder of democracy so far and this can go on if the opposition is not brought to its senses and it crumbles more and more as is being witnessed now.

The megalomaniacs and 24×7 politicians of BJP-RSS  duo are giving sleepless nights to the opposition causing its slow and steady death. But it is really wrong and unworthy to blame the ruling party for the death of opposition. Darwin’s rule “Survival of the fittest” applies in each and every walk of life. Those who are fit will always survive. Those who cant protect themselves are bound to get extinct. Opposition of India; I think is more responsible for its own decline than any other thing. Since 2014; the issues which the opposition has raised are suicidal and with its stupidity and insecurities if it ceases to exist; opposition will be sole responsible to throw India at power hungry pack of wolves who know no boundaries.

India needs a credible opposition to counter all the ills and bads of the government and safeguard each and every voice of India so that democracy exists. Today’s Opposition is merely a pack of some insecure, stupid persons going on with their personal attacks at the centre and thus loosing their remaining mandate. Opposition needs to introspect itself; give up personal difference; and come together not for themselves but for the sake of democracy of India.

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