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How clueless is Rajnath Singh?

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Our honorable Home Minister.

Yesterday, when the situation demanded action, the guy was busy giving lectures on twitter about the concept of Kashmiriyat and attacking “troll” (in words of IE), because the “troll” was upset with the violent attack on innocent people and Government’s embarrassing response to it.

This guy should be held responsible for the attack on Amarnath Yatra goers, situation in Kashmir, Darjeeling and Sikkim. Instead he has now become the star on social media, of all the wrong people like LWMSM, far left leaders and celebrities. The reason is his response like this:

In 2014,  we voted for “minimum government, maximum governance” but what we are getting is “maximum government, minimum governance”. We voted for strong leader instead we have Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley.

Rajnath Singh is the symbol of incompetence, an indifferent person running arguably the second most important ministry in Government. Because he supported the right guy in 2014. This should also allow questions on PM Modi’s ability to find right guy for the right place.

Sack Rajnath! BJP have genuine talents equipped with required qualification and experience who can lead Home Ministry better than Rajnath Singh. RK Singh (former home secretary), Satyapal Singh (tough on crime; former Police Commissioner of Mumbai), former Gujarat’s HM Amit Shah (best choice) and Nitin Gadkari (the best performing cabinet minister) are few among them.

We do not have a full time Defense Minister. If there is a lack of talent in BJP to manage defense ministry, then they should find talent elsewhere. They outsourced Suresh Prabhu. Now outsource Defense Minister. Trump appointed General James Mattis as his Defense secretary, Mattis is one of the best known marine intellectuals and has brilliant military mind. PM Modi could emulate that here and appoint some well qualified former General to lead Defense Ministry. But select defense hawk.

BJP/RSS supporters are getting killed by opposition and humiliated by their “own people”. False propaganda against them are being circulated by media. If the status quo remains same, INDIA’s RW should consider sitting out 2019.

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