Gopal Krishna Gandhi: What India must know about The Gandhi Grandson

Congress party as usual being a flag-bearer of nepotism announced Gopal Krishna Gandhi as the Vice Presidential Candidate in the upcoming elections. While India reveres him for being the grandson of India’s most respected Leader Mahatma Gandhi we should also take into account his personal credentials.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi graduated from St.Stephens College, Delhi and is a former Beaurocrat and a Diplomat. He has served as the Governor of West Bengal. Important to note is the he is the sympathizer of Terrorism and has filed a mercy petition for Yakub Memon, a culprit of 1993 Mumbai attacks which killed over 257 Indians. He is also a strong supporter for abolishing the death penalty and has also authored a book on it. He criticised  CBI by calling it ‘A department of Dirty Politics’. He is a strong supporter of Palestine whose militant group Hamas is responsible for death of many innocent Israeli lives. He also wrote an article in ‘The Wire’ criticizing Modi’s visit to Israel and citing it as  ‘ill advice’ by his policy makers.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi is the best candidate for Vice-President in a world where nepotism and dynasty are principle criteria.

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