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Consciousness, Hinduism and India

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Do all religions teach the same thing? No they don’t. Is everyone born equal? In terms of temperament and physiological make up, they are not. It is only Hinduism that sees this diversity and assigns work accordingly, so you really don’t have to become someone else.

You figure out what you are naturally good at (varna) and find a skill that aligns with this varna for your living. Hinduism is rooted in consciousness because that is where differences and diversity really collapse and the ultimate aim is to realize this consciousness. When your actions are aligned with your natural varna (not a jaati assigned at birth), it is easier for the mind to turn inwards and have this realization.

The awareness of this truth is missing from most of the Right-Wing Hindus today. We are no different than our ideological opposites in the sense that we mostly target or call out an individual’s actions instead of consolidating our thought processes in line with this truth and dealing with opposing ideologies accordingly.

Vedanta begins where the purpose of religion ends. In Hinduism, there is no concept of God. Consciousness without qualities is the absolute truth and the deities represent consciousness + material qualities. In consciousness all religions cease to survive. This is the truth we as Hindus should use when we deal with semitic religions, as they do not and would not dare to say the individual is in essence the absolute truth.In Vedanta the concept of God or Ishvara is only a relative entity useful only for the evolution of the seeker.

The same truth should be used when dealing with left liberals whose ideologies of socialism is based on body identification that is ignorance of their real identity as consciousness. All of left-liberals actions and outlook can be tied back to this ignorance time and again. Dharma and varna when used for self realization are infinitely better ways of organizing societies where the emphasis is on living in harmony with nature and respecting all forms of life.

How do we empower Hindus to understand this truth to deal with other ideologies ? How do we create awareness that both semitic religions and liberal ideologies are based on relative truths and can never answer questions relating to diversity in nature, existential questions about purpose of life, or the nature of consciousness itself and its recursive nature in manifesting as matter. Take their books and Gods away, their religions cease to exist. Take all the Hindus scriptures and Gods away, consciousness would still be.

While on one side we battle these ideologies at a transactional level, it is imperative that we create some sort of a mass awareness that every Hindu knows his religion is better than the rest simply because its foundations are unbreakable. How do we use this truth when we are faced with existential threats? How do we use this truth to counter missionaries / mullahs / liberals who target the susceptible among us? How do we use this truth in solving Mandir / Masjid, Kashmir issues, conflicts whose roots lie in difference of ideology?

While we fight these battles mainly on the lines of our religious or ideological identities, when we go back to our real identity as consciousness i believe Hindus would get a lot of focus, energy and a clearer perspective in fighting issues at a spiritual level where victories would create cascading effects on battles fought at mental and physical levels.

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