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#NotInMyName- A new bottle with old wine

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After “Rising Intolerance”, “Award Wapasi” the new campaign of pseudo- seculars, liberals, intellectuals and few journalists to defame India is “#NotInMyName” campaign.

According to them, it is a protest against the Mob Lynching ‘innocent people’ in recent days. But is it true? Is it about every innocent citizen of India who is lynched by mob, irrespective of caste and religion or not?

This is the map which was used by the protesters against Mob lynching. If you see it closely the names of victims are from a particular community only, in fact the name of J&K Dy SP Mohammad Ayub Pandit who was lynched by mob in Srinagar recently was missing. Many on social media pointed out this and questioned the hypocrisy of those taking part in such protests.


Not Just this, these protests were also given communal angle by showing the placards which had Anti- Hindu slogans written on them.

My conclusion is that this so called protest against mob lynching is nothing but just the return of Intolerance gang and Award Wapasi gang to defame India and the present Indian government. All these protest have some or other hidden agenda and one of it is to break and divide India.

It is duty of every true Indian to stay away from these type of agenda driven protests and work towards a strong and united India.

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A political Observer. Blogger.
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