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Intellectual Lynching, frustration and suffocation

Sushant would have wanted to create science fiction. What was he forced to do? Anti-Hindu propaganda. His #reality was diametrically opposite to what he was being made to express.

लिंचिंग लिंचिंग में फरक..

लिंचिंग लिंचिंग में भी फरक होता है साहेब,, एक इन्टॉलरेंट लिंचिंग है, तो दूसरी केवल ग़लतफ़हमी.

An open letter to Dr. Percy Fernandez and Ms. Elsa Ashish

The subjects of the papers were ‘Culture, Gastronomy and the Politics of Beef in Digital India’ and ‘His Master’s Voice: Cultural appropriation and ‘MODI-fication of Indian Media’.

Bengali Intellectuals organise ‘NotInMyName’ protest against the blasphemous Facebook post by Hindu extremist

The protest seems to have been spontaneous without much pre-planning and protesters arrived in huge numbers.

#NotInMyName- A new bottle with old wine

Is the protest against mob lynching just the return of Intolerance and Award Wapasi gang to defame India and the government?

Lynchistan: Another lie of Indian media

Lynchistan is the another series of lie propagated by Indian media.

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