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Independent Kashmir: A fantasy created by the local politicians

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Gaurav Tyagi, the author is a logical thinking atheist. He is neither a 'bhakt' nor a 'sickular'. Gaurav has a Masters Degree in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from Netherlands and is based in China.

Kashmir issue is largely a legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime-Minister of independent India. Nehru promised plebiscite to the citizens of Kashmir on multiple occasions. All these talks by Nehru about holding a plebiscite in Kashmir un-necessarily raised the expectations of Kashmiris.

In a letter dated 11 September 1951, to the U.N. representative, Nehru wrote, “The Government of India not only reaffirms its acceptance of the principle that the question of the continuing accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to India shall be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite under the auspices of the United Nations but is anxious that the conditions necessary for such a plebiscite should be created as quickly as possible”.

In 2008 state assembly elections, Congress and National Conference formed a coalition government. National Conference chief, Farooq Abdullah nominated his son, Omar Abdullah as the Chief Minister of this coalition. Another sad example of dynastic politics in India.

The author would like to point out the mass unrest under the government of the aforesaid political parties during 2010. More than 100 people died in that phase of turmoil besides huge destruction of public as well as private property.

In view of this, what right does Abdullah’s have of criticizing the current coalition of BJP and PDP?

If, Congress and National Conference use force then it’s justified but when the present administration does it then, suddenly the Abdullah’s get concerned. This is sheer hypocrisy on the part of Abdullah family. Chidambaram, the former Home Minister of India and a prominent Congress party politician has said that ‘Kashmir is nearly lost for India’.

It’s not lost. He and his party are largely responsible for this mess. What was Chidambaram’s contribution as Home Minister of India from 2008-2012 to resolve the Kashmir issue? The answer is a big zero. Does any Congress politician has the guts to criticize the failed policies of Nehru which created this Kashmir problem in the first place?

Regional political parties of Kashmir like PDP, NC and Hurriyat just wish to maintain the ‘status quo’ in Kashmir. This way, when they come to power in the state, they misappropriate the central funds and indulge in blatant corruption filling their coffers. When they are in opposition, they try to blackmail the government and enjoy the funds coming from Pakistan in the name of Kashmir struggle.

Indian army is one of the largest in the world. In any armed conflict there are collateral damages. The security forces cannot be blamed. They have a job to do and ensure law and order. One cannot expect a soldier to discharge his duty effectively with imposed conditions; like don’t use force, do not retaliate against the locals etc.

The stone-pelters of Kashmir are misguided people. Their stones will never win against the guns of the security forces commanded by the central government of India. If these Kashmiri protesters possess a death wish, then no one can help them. In an over populated country like India, nobody gives a damn about the trouble makers in Kashmir being shot dead by the Indian security forces.

Special status like article 370 has alienated an average Indian residing in other states of India from Kashmiri citizens. There is no sympathy for Kashmiris among Indian masses in the rest of the country. The only ‘pseudo-liberals, who raise their voices for the Kashmiris, are the frustrated lot of politicians like Abdullahs and Chidambarams, whose parties are out of power. They thus seek ways to stay in the news and limelight.

There is no question of Kashmir’s independence. Even if the long promised and pending Plebiscite promised by Nehru is conducted in Kashmir. It would only consider the situations and options available to all states at that time, which was either merge with India or Pakistan. There will never be a separate nation of Kashmir. If Kashmiris wish to live in a ‘fool’s paradise’ and die in this ‘game of thrones’ played by their local politicians, then it’s their inane choice.

Kashmiri residents should seriously ponder the astronomical amount of money minted by politicians like Abdullahs, Sayeeds, Geelanis and Maliks in the name of this ‘so called’ Kashmir agitation. Their children and grandchildren are all well established in politics and businesses. What has an average Kashmiri person got in return?

It’s high time that the common Kashmiris experience a paradigm shift and focus on improving their life through education and joining the mainstream of India rather than being a ‘pawn’ in the hands of their selfish, corrupt, and opportunistic local Kashmiri politicians.

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Gaurav Tyagi, the author is a logical thinking atheist. He is neither a 'bhakt' nor a 'sickular'. Gaurav has a Masters Degree in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from Netherlands and is based in China.
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