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Politics over Kashmir Issue

How anti-Hindu riots day became Martyrs’ day: The truth behind 13th July 1931 incident

There have been many attempts to create unrest in Kashmir on the pretext of ruler being "unjust" and "oppressive" towards majority community i.e. Muslims.

मोदी जी के पास समय कम और काम बहुत ज्यादा हैं

भाजपा सिर्फ TINA फैक्टर के सहारे अगर हाथ पर हाथ धरे बैठी रही तो बात बिगड़ भी सकती है.

Islamic movement in Kashmir and how India is losing it

Seventy years have passed and our leaders still live and believe in the illusion of 'Kashmiriyat', which was proved false after 1990's genocide of Kashmiri Pundits

Independent Kashmir: A fantasy created by the local politicians

It’s high time that the common Kashmiris experience a paradigm shift and focus on improving their life through education and joining the mainstream of India.

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