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Islamic movement in Kashmir and how India is losing it

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Kashmir problem of India is an age old problem now. Kashmir has been a very vulnerable and volatile region since Independence. With Pakistan’s cross border terrorism, Islamic indoctrination and Government of India’s illusion about the real issue of Kashmir has worsened the situation further. Every government, be it Secularists or the Conservatives have fueled the unrest in Kashmir by false theories, claims and  studies.

Seventy years have passed and the leaders of India still live and believe in the illusion of ‘Kashmiriyat’. What they don’t get that the term ‘Kashmiriyat’ was proved false after the 1990’s genocide of Kashmiri Pundits who were forced to leave their houses by Islamofascists. Now what remains in Kashmir is an Islamic Movement based on Wahabic principles fueled by Pakistan and Saudi. There are many proofs to explain this.

First is the tilt of Kashmiris towards Pakistan. Although our leaders may say things like ‘All Kashmiris are not terrorists’ or ‘Kashmiris are moderates’ etc etc; we can’t see this ‘moderate’ Kashmiris when stones are pelted over our army or when Kashmiri Pundits were thrown out of their homes and their women were raped. We do not see this ‘moderate’ Kashmiris when Ayub Pundit was lynched. We  did not see this ‘moderate’ Kashmiris when funerals of terrorists are taken out as ceremonies and they are celebrated as heroes.

Kashmir’s tilt towards Pakistan show how Islamic doctrine is far sown in their minds. As why would any sane thinking person choose a rogue state like Pakistan over India unless religion as a prime aspect; is taken into consideration. Waving of ISIS and Pakistan flags and a very surprising silence of ‘moderate’ Kashmiris shows what struggle or movement in Kashmir is really all about. And more proof was provided when  Hizbul Mujahdeen Chief himself declared that Kashmir is not an Aazadi Movement but Islamic War. Just increasing the Army is not enough in Kashmir.

What is important, is to ban the Madarsas in Kashmir no matter what the consequences. Sufism has long gone from the very land ever since the footprint of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. And  now it is really impossible to remove Wahabbism from Islam. And wahabism is taught in Madarssas of Kashmir. The day Government of India realises that Kashmir is all about the Islamic Jihad struggle and not Aazadi and The Kashmiriyat is dead and irrelevant after the genocide of Kashmiri Pundits half of Kashmir problems will be solved.

The more Government of India defends and remains in illusion of Kashmiriyat the situation will be worsened and can engulf  the whole of India in a civil war one day.

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Engineering Student. Politics is passion.
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