Realizing Akhand Bharat with Kashmir

The Kashmir problem at its root is a religious issue first, than a political one. It would be reasonably safe to assume Pakistan and Bangladesh were created, because Muslims wanted self determination when India was getting independence. Kashmir is an unfinished issue from partition and flares up every now and then and people including jihadis, Kashmiris and soldiers become a casualty of the conflict. 

While this conflict appears to be political it has its roots in religion. Can this problem be solved at a religious level? Instead of bluntly refusing to engage with separatists we should take off from where we were at partition but bring in religion as part of negotiations. The separatists want Azaadi because of their religion. So can we actually implement Azaadi in a way that is win-win for all? I believe a three point formula would solve this problem:

  1. Prove that Allah exists. The fundamental reality is consciousness, any view (including that of Hindu groups like Iskcon) of God as the absolute truth is flawed and has its roots in duality which as a philosophy is relative in nature and not absolute. Whoever wants Azaadi on basis of Islam should prove existence of Allah, not with scripture, not with logic but with direct proof that is self explanatory and there for everyone to see
  2. If Kashmir goes, Pakistan should take all Muslims from India. This might sound harsh, but do we have a choice? Pakistan and Bangladesh were created because of Muslims wanted self determination, so let us bring this to its logical conclusion. An issue like Kashmir where minority Pundits had to live their own place should never happen in India again. Unless i’m blind i don’t see prominent Muslims or Muslims organizations support a just cause and help in Kashmiri reconciliation with India. India has been magnanimous with Pakistan umpteen times to the extent of even letting the current LoC in Kashmir stay as the de facto border, but i guess that’s not helping anyone.
  3. If we let Kashmir go, we should retain some land to rehabilitate the Pandits back in their homeland.

All the above three should be non negotiable. So what has all this got to do with Akhand Bharat? We can initiate reunification with Pakistan and Bangladesh using point 1. Tell them that the basis on which their countries were created, their religion, is relative in nature and the God that they pray to is not the absolute truth. If they can prove otherwise, they can continue their independent existence. If not they can integrate back into India. This way nobody has to die, and we can have good pace bowlers in our cricket team.


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