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Never forgive. Never forget. The cow slaughter by Congress

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Amogh Arlekar
Thinker. Talker. Doer. Lawyer. Jt. Secretery at ABVP Konkan Region

How far can you take a political disagreement? What depths are you ready to fall to, so that you can feed your political ego? Well the Indian National Congress cadre have butchered a defenseless cow right in the open.

I am extremely pained as I write this. The pictures and the video have shocked me to the spine. I felt immense rage inside me as I watched cadre of party who has had previously the symbol of a calf and cow, slaughter a cow in the open, as a protest against the Central Government’s policy.

Who in their proper senses would kill an animal just to prove a point? In this case the animal butchered in open is revered and worshipped by millions of Hindus worldwide. Which brings me to the question, what was the point the Congress was trying to prove? It seems here the point which the grand old party is trying to prove is that they can trample over Hindu sentiments at will for the sake of their fake secularism. The point they are trying to make is that their agenda is more important than the feelings and faith of millions of of Hindus. The point they are trying to make is that you and I can do nothing about it.

What went through that barbarous mind before it thought that this can be a valid form of protest? The answer to that is best known to that sick and perverse mind and it’s boss. It is clear that the person who actually did it could not have done this act without blessings / orders of his high command.

Where are those voices that were screeching loudly when a horse was kicked and hurt? Where are those voices that came out against Jalliakattu? Where are those voices that regularly keep on coming out for every other animal than the cow? They seem to have gone in to deep slumber or seem to be suffering from selective outrage syndrome. Where is PETA? Which pretends to be the watchdog of all cruelties against animals? Is the cow not a defenseless animal? Or is it just because that the cow is attached to a hindu sentiment, that coming out in its support will make you ‘anti-secular’?

These brainless but deliberate acts from the cadre of this party have been the greatest reason for its downfall, and now eventual disappearance.


Mr. Rahul Gandhi tweeted in condemnation of the act. But, for those who have closely followed the politics of this party, know that this is nothing but mere theatrics.

It should serve as a wake up call to all those who think your faith and belief cannot be simply trampled upon for silly political point scoring. This must be the final nail in the coffin of this dying party. We must never forgive, and never forget.

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Amogh Arlekar
Thinker. Talker. Doer. Lawyer. Jt. Secretery at ABVP Konkan Region

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