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Find out what this Anti-Hindu Ecosystem is about, and how we can fight back

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An Ecosystem for perpetuating one’s religion, ideology and target others. Hypocrisy and unfair targeting. Political patronage for last 70 years.

Now Let’s Further look at other crucial and equally different aspects.

Legal: RTE.

All the Private Hindu Schools or the Ancestral Inclined Schools you have a mandate to follow the rules of RTE, the rule becomes more draconian further as the said school or the institution has to further go ahead and procure the “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” and other extensions to fulfill the process and to adhere and abide by other norms to continue further.

On the Contrary that’s not the case when it comes to minority schools they can evade all, in fact RTE does not even apply in conditions, its just few very basic stipulations to the faculty and counselors etc.

NCMEI (National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions) is another gift given to them by the earlier establishments and comes very handy to them to sort the trivial issues if they have any, the majority community doesn’t even have a medium for their queries to be solicited effectively.


A consistent and a deliberate attempt to separate Dalits from Hinduism. Very recent Incidents like Una, Khairlanji in Maharashtra, and The Kopardi rape incident in Maharashtra have been used as to divide, derail and deride the unity of our community. A systematic strategy seen to keep them away, break the uniformity and continue to earn and fulfill the vested interests of some. As a matter of fact some of the places in India where the tribal have been showing in uniformity and they contain themselves proudly in Hinduism.

There have been attempts to portray and brainwash or sabotage their existing beliefs and turn them into non-believers. Evangelism has been done in a gigantic manner to transfigure the poor under the garb of money and employment. In cases of religious disturbance it’s quite evident. Somewhere to maintain the earlier status quo, to make the vintage old ecosystem happy the diabolic acts still continue and the verdicts are seen in a scarce way and envisaged in another way which sets a wrong precedent and changes the views of zillions on ground


Duplicity with regards to Animal slaughter, from Holi to Diwali, from Ganpati festival to Dahi Handi, From Shani-Shingnapur to Sabarimala from vintage old cultural and folk traditions To Jalikattu. Its explicitly and vividly seen by laymans on the ground and on virtual podium that the Bipartisan attitude is not followed and cases specific to a Hindu community should have been handled more diligently and when we see such episodes happen continuously with Hindu community it ends up hurting the sentiments and therefore leads to dissonance and perishing of faith. Perhaps if this continues the same way, masses will start losing faith in the strongest pillar of democracy and especially India being the world’s largest democracy, would send an extremely wrong message across the globe.

Another factor is the anti-superstition bill where it takes a direct dig or an area of reconciliation for Waris in Pandharpur and Alandi and other parts of Maharashtra. The Nagas and the Sadhus can’t practice their rituals which have been running for ages now (isn’t the right to preach disobeyed here?). Abhisheka and Snana’s are seen as waste of natural resources and so on and so forth. Whereas it’s completely shrugged off or prevaricated when it comes to others.

Kumbh Mela is seen as dirtying the waters and malpractice/annoyance to others.

When the Article 25 clearly states that all the religions have the right to practice their rituals and continue to celebrate them, either have a scrutiny for all or let all of them celebrate at the fullest.


An Attempt to tamper meddle and tinker the true history and embed the generations by generations with deceptions and fabricated syllabus to change the historical and geographical dynamics of the oldest civilization. The sovereign kings like Shivaji Maharaj were perpetually shown into a different image than what he was ideally. Stroking his Gurus in bad light also further claiming that such individuals never existed. Citing turning Rani Laxmibai as uncouth lady shading out her bravery for her nation. The same tampering further continues to make heroes out of Tyrannists like Tipu who barbarically butchered many to continue his dominion or monarchy. There were appeals in the court to convey and impose that things like RAM–SETU never happened and its nothing but a saga or myth.

Economic Angle:

Half of the Hindu society is engrossed in earning their daily 2 square meals and meeting other family commitments and otherwise and hence the prioritization or the emphasis is more on economic survival than revival of Dharma. Totally absorbed and enthralled in other binders makes them equally unobtainable for the auxiliary sentience of wakefulness. And in addition to that the slavery for years and the exploited victimhood came as an unfortunate blessing in disguise which gives others a dice on the board or like a sizzler on that platter to grumble. Language barriers and no retrospective communication amongst the huge lot is also a reason for further domination and leads to paying more brunt. Discerning amnesia and inadequate intelligentsia another big object for the system in shambles.

Controversial/domination angle:

A certain section of the society has made it a timely fashion to take a dig or make statements on Hindu deities and goddesses and apologize conveniently, rinse repeat and continue to contaminate the atmosphere and manipulate the minds of adolescent and simpletons. Huge influences, use of money muscle has been used as an operative tool to easily and conveniently come out of such pre meditated fiascos. Some make their modus-operandi very apparent by taking on the Hindu community to get perks, rise in TRP’s and bag contracts by showing Pseudo Secular Colours. It’s been seen that the forgiving attitude of us which makes them do it time again and route away easily. Recent example was eminent music composer Vishal Dadlani and entrepreneur Poonawala who take an unwarranted and unresearched diatribe at Jain Guru Tarun Sagarji.

External Factors:

Money power from the Gulf, part of Europe and foreign funding to NGOs and other small religious enterprises to destabilize the economy, unity and harmony of the state and the nation as well. A language of proxy war using our own assets created in India, manipulating the minds of youth in India and so on and so forth. Exactly going by the vintage old policy of the Brits of “Divide and Rule” and earn your bread and butter or reap malevolent fruits and change the prototype.

So now what needs to be done?

Step up, wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late and cascading the message in whichever way possible.

Emptying the cup and filling it with real knowledge about our civilization history and substantiated facts. More social gatherings engaging youth, making them aware of our Virat culture, Sanatana Dharma. Revisiting and educating enmasse about extremely fruitful ancestral struggle and successful practices.

Celebrating all the festivals and traditions at the fullest in the holier method avoiding any fracas or distress to others.

Coordination between government, social organizations and social media and ground.

Similarly collectiveness across sensitizing and percolating and saving Dharma for further generations.

We are the oldest civilization that survived Islamic invasion and British oppression. But current attack is indirect, strategic, phased and extremely well planned and executed. Those without the visibility of the larger picture are unaware of the breaking India plan.

The Crux of the Story:

India cannot survive if Hindus are weak, divided and unaware. It is imperative for Hindus to stand up and shrug off the apologetic behaviour, righteousness and political correctness for the sake of survival.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection was for survival of animals. We perhaps need to expand it for religions, inculcate and imbibe the virtues for the revival of Hindu Dharma.

“Arise, Awake, and Stop Not Till the Goal Is Reached”
~ Swami Vivekananda

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