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Bahubali and Secularism

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As was expected, Bahubali has be tagged as being “too-Hindu” in some reviews out by the second day of opening. This reviewer goes as far as to search “at least one non-Hindu culture” in the film and is pretty disappointed about not being able to find it. May be Amarendra Bahubali having a spiritual revelation in his dreams with a Sufi song could have made her happy. It is So sad that  Rajamouli could not do that, to keep up the secular fabric or Ganga-Jamuni Tahjib of this country!

I have always been a fan of good, sensible music from Hindi cinema. Incidentally, some of the best lyrics in Hindi cinema are found in Sufi songs praising Allah. Be it Khwaja mere khwaja, arziyan, ha raham (Aamir), these are present in my playlist, or when singing at some function. Invariably such songs are present in singing contests, dance contests etc. on all channels.

Before this post, just like anyone else, I never gave a thought to the fact that such devotional songs praising Hindu gods are almost non-existing in Hindi cinema and frankly it doesn’t matter. But its surprising that when one such movie comes out which due to sheer common sense (that only Hindus would exist in such time period and setup as of the imaginary Mahishmati kingdom) is having Hindu tones, so-called-secular just cannot accept it. It is interesting to give a thought to who is being “hate-mongerer” when such statements are being made or as seculars like to say, who is making the issue communal.

Cinema is a reflection of society, and if it is set-up in a particular period, it is bound to reflect “that” society. Is our secularism so fragile that “one” movie, which does not have “one-single-non-Hindu-culture” needs to be pointed out so? What next, should we impose that every movie have at least one song which is dedicated to a minority God/almighty ? We can also impose that every second movie has a non-Hindu central character so as to maintain the Ganga-Jamuni tehjeeb or secular fabric of this nation.

These reviews once again bring out the much known but rarely accepted anti-Hindu bias of Bollywood. While this bias has been going on for long time in Bollywood, some suddenly feel threatened when a movie comes up which is straight enough to show what it wants to show. And frankly there is nothing to be offended about because it has nothing anti-non-Hindu about it.

While this would not be expected of the so-called-seculars, those secular in real terms, need to have some thinking as to whether it is such movies or is it such statements/reviews that a cause of problem. While the movie could have been simply come and gone, such comments have given rise to an unwanted line of thoughts and arguments which certainly had no place in the picture.

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