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Anti-Nationals masquerading as journalists

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Just a couple of days ago I went through an article which highlighted how Pakistan is trying to incite violence in our country using social media. But the situation seems more serious than what that article had suggested. Instead of using the social media or alternative media it seems that they have already spread their web in our main stream media using anti-nationals already present in the country.

When I talk about anti nationals I am not talking about the likes of Barkha Dutt’s but those anti nationals who are not popular but write articles which get shared on social media by our youth without being skeptical about the individual who wrote that article. Recently a couple of them exposed their real face by themselves on twitter & mind you they work for some huge organizations who are believed to be credible sources of information.

Yasin Malik, leader of JKLF assaulted India Today crew while they were covering a story related to the sting operation on Hurriyat which exposed their ties with Pakistan. There was a lot of outrage on twitter against Yasin Malik after the assault but JKLF chief had found a sympathizer that too a journalist working for DailyO whose parent company is also India Today. Samiya Latief works for Indian media but won’t attach the Indian tag on herself but prefers being called Kashmiri.


Burhan Wani’s successor Sabzar Bhat was killed by the Indian Army on the first day of Ramzan thus giving two reasons for India to celebrate. But a traitor who was masquerading as a journalist wasn’t happy about this & that person was Qadri Inzamam, who works as a sub-editor for IANS. On the day Sabzar Bhat was assassinated Qadri Inzamam tweeted, “He (Sabzar Bhat) sacrificed himself for me, you & our freedom. Remember him. #Kashmir”.  He has also expressed his biased views on other platforms which we and you can see on his CV. People like Qadri are more dangerous to our nation than the terrorist themselves. The terrorists are up front with their views but people like Qadri are more dangerous as they are trying to intellectually influence our youth with their propaganda.If you think why these anti nationals are being hired by news organization then I have the answer for you. You might have heard the expression that a mango does not fall away from the tree, likewise an anti-national inspires another anti national. There was a lot of outrage in the country when Mani Shankar Aiyar met Geelani but he was not alone but was accompanied by Vinod Sharma, Hindustan Times Political Editor. You can see him hugging Geelani like a long lost brother in the pic. But no news outlet informed the public about Vinod Sharma who holds such a key position in a news outlet which is still considered as credible by the common man. The entire system has become corrupt because of such people but can be countered by denying services from such people thus letting them die their natural course. The corrupt news organizations in US have seen a huge fall in their viewers due to their biased views. If this can happen in US then it can happen in India as well.

So from now on whenever you share an article on social media please remember to at least check who the writer of the article & is that person credible. The soldier’s duty is to protect our borders and in the same way it is our duty as responsible Indians to protect our country from getting hijacked by these anti-national elements.

Jai Hind.

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