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The other side of “Kashmiriyat”

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Is there any job in the world which is more unthankful than the job of a soldier posted in Kashmir? They are just not only fighting terrorism & infiltrators but stone pelters, hostile reactions, separatist ideologies and what not.

The recent video of “misguided” Kashmiri youths kicking and slapping a soldier is a shameful slap on our faces as well. However, being a Kashmiri Pundit, this shameful behaviour of these “misguided” youths doesn’t surprise me a bit. But, I will not speak here in capacity of a Kashmiri Pundit but as a proud Indian citizen who owes his solacing night’s sleep to those soldiers.

Is this what Kashmiriyat stands for?

I watched that video and felt an uncontrollable rage brimming inside me. This was one of the rare times when I was furious and proud at the same time. Furious at the coward act of “misguided” miscreants and proud at the calmness and composure of the soldier, who even after repeated provocations maintained his calm. He was equipped with weapons which are capable of wreaking destruction, yet he dismissed it as a frivolous act.

This is the only time, I wish we were as intolerant as the left leaning liberals paint us. I wish we were the hooligans that they call us, so that we could straight away get down to business. I wish these allegations of widespread jingoism were true, so that we could have the leverage to eliminate any such scourge elements.

And I also wish that there would be an Award Wapsi sort of campaign for this. I also wish that Shehla Rashid and co., would condemn this. I also intrinsically wish that likes of Anurag Kashyap and Arundhati Roy would express their outrage over this. And more importantly, I wish Geelani could address this from his luxurious mansion in Delhi.


But they won’t, because they are blinded by malice. They can’t see the whole picture. It does not fit their propaganda. And it deters their “liberal” thought process. God bless them and more importantly help them.


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