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Of Krishna, Eve Teasing and the Left Liberal Cabal

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All it took was a tweet from Prashant Bhushan and Twitter was set on fire. Thankfully, it was just a Hindu God that he mocked and abused, otherwise we have seen people (Read: Religious Zealots) setting humans, public property and entire cities on fire.

In reply to Mr. Bhushan the so called Right Wing Hindus who are quite active on Twitter trolled him, reminded others of his remarks on Kashmir and how he is used to making such irrational comments. Some said that he wished to gain political mileage out of his tweet and wanted to score some points against Yogi. Many cases were also filed against him under 295A.

But sadly no one challenged his claim on merit.

And thus the whole narrative shifted from “Factual Inaccuracy in Prashant Bhushan’s Tweet” to “Hindu Sentiments Getting Hurt.” At the end the conclusions drawn in the minds of the fence sitters was that Krishna was an eve teaser and calling him an eve teaser hurts the sentiments of Hindus, just as calling the man who must not be named a paedophile hurts the sentimnts of the peaceful religion. However that was never the issue. The issue was that Krishna was not an eve teaser and Prashant Bhushan was factually incorrect in making the comparison.

This article attempts to explain why Krishna was NOT an Eave teaser. Probably this shall satisfy a lot of ‘Eminent Intellectuals’ of the ‘Left Liberal’ cabal who share similar mindset like our highly educated and elite Mr. Prashant Bhushan who often compare Lord Krishna with eve teasers and try to put a question mark on the character of Krishna.

Firstly, if I were to tell you that an eleven year old kid eve teased a woman. How would you react?

Sounds Absurd! Right?

That’s first thing we should know. Lord Krishna was 11 years old when he killed Kansa. Lord Krishna left Vrindavan when his age was 11 years and 52 days. On the 53rd day of his 12th year, he killed Kansa. As per the Hindu belief, Lord Krishna never returned to Vrindavan again. So as per Prashant Bhushan’s logic, an eleven year old kid is an eve teaser. How ridiculous is that?

A kid playing around among the girls and ladies before attaining puberty can be termed as anything but sexual. So there is no chance that Sri Krishna eve teased Gopikas (milkmaids).

Secondly, there seems to be some misunderstanding about Raas Leela. “Raas” is a form of dance- the dance form which was popular among the Gokul community and being raised up in that environment, the lord too knew the dance form. A small naughty kid dancing and playing around among the girls elder than he and women who are of his mother’s age (most of them seeing him since his newborn days) and the women cuddling him and loving him- does that sound something immoral and pervert or just a playful bliss?

Thirdly, people believe that Krishna used to hide the dresses of women while they were having a bath in the ponds. But what these people fail to ask is did Krishna use to hide clothes of women only? Or he used to do the same mischief with everybody irrespective of age and gender? There are numerous accounts where Krishna hid dhotis of his male friends. But some people only recollect the episodes where women were involved. Kids, especially kids who are 7–11 years old, do all sorts of mischief. And these acts were his innocent mischief and nothing else.

Fourthly, just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Krishna was an eve teaser, then also there is a huge question. Eve teasing is an unethical work and no woman or girl in the world can enjoy eve teasing. Any girl would feel harassed when teased sexually. If Krishna used to tease the girls and women of Gokul, why didn’t the ladies, girls and women find it offensive? Why didn’t they complain about Krishna to the village head? Why nobody bashed Krishna if he was doing immoral things like teasing women? Krishna’s foster mother Yasodha wasvery strict about discipline. Such a mother would have definitely punished Krishna. But surprisingly, there is no such record available.

Fifth and the last point. Before calling Krishna an eve teaser, let’s observe his activities:

Krishna saved 16000 women from demon Narakasura, whom he later took into his protection when their families hesitated to accept them after their rescue.

Krishna saved Draupadi from humiliation when Dushasana tried to disrobe her in front of everybody in the assembly hall.

When Balram wanted to marry off Subhadra with Duryodhana, Krishna helped his sister to marry Arjuna because Subhadra used to love Arjuna.

We can say that Krishna fought for women rights. Don’t the women’s rights activists claim to do the same? How can such a person be an eve teaser?

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