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Gautam Gambhir controversy: Freedom of expression- A one way traffic

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Recently, a video showing “misguided” Kashmiri youth slapping and kicking a CRPF soldier generated a lot of outrage online. Every Indian Nationalist was brimming with extreme rage. See, how I emphasized on the word Nationalist. There is a reason behind it.

Firstly, I am not one of the extremists who randomly throws ‘Anti-National’ tags at people. But, sometimes their twisted logics, convoluted answers and selective outrage makes me question their nationalist credentials or rather completely deny its existence. They are so engrossed in spreading their propaganda that they will stoop down to any level of irrationality. And, somebody please educate them about the difference between dissent and sedition. They keep on mixing these two.

So, when Gautam Gambhir laid his sight on this video, even he, obviously couldn’t stop his rage. He tweeted a very stern message to ‘Anti-nationals’.

However, the “liberal” section of media fraternity was kind of offended by this tweet. Since, this message was directed at one’s, whom they very fondly sympathize with and call merely “misguided” youths, their reaction was understandable. However, their logic and stance has never been.

The likes of Sagarika Ghose & Rana Ayyub thrashed Gautam Gambhir’s tweet and advocated that Gautam Gambhir be booked for sedition for his interpretation of National Flag. This is the same gang which raised their voices when Kanhaiya kumar and Umar khalid were being booked for sedition. It looks like that, “Bharat ke tukde honge hazaar” is just dissent for them but giving one’s interpretation of National Flag is grossly unacceptable to them. Either that, or they just want to muzzle down any voice that hinders their propaganda.

Even, Rajdeep Sardesai of ‘2002’ fame “forgot” to condemn the attack on CRPF but was quick to condemn the retaliation act of Army. If this does not expose their hypocrisy, I don’t know what will.

These left-leaning liberal gang all ganged up on Gautam Gambhir and demanded, he be booked for sedition and sent to jail. However, this is the same gang which applauded Gautam Gambhir when he advocated freedom of speech for Gurmehar kaur. They went all aggressively persuasive to “restore” her freedom of speech. Gautam Gambhir was on that side of debate that time: The saviours of freedom of speech. Isn’t it too much irony that Gautam Gambhir, an avid supporter of freedom of speech has himself been denied his right to freedom of speech by the same lobby? Isn’t it ironical that Gautam Gambhir who fought against “trollers” for Gurmehar Kaur is himself extensively trolled by liberals now? Isn’t it too much hypocrisy? Isn’t it too much saddening? Isn’t it too much alarming? Isn’t it too dogmatic? Isn’t too implausible?

All in all, examining all the facades of left liberal media, it can be concluded that freedom of speech is an entitlement exclusive to specific lobby and they also hold the right to defend anything irrational or polemic under the garb of freedom of speech. They also have the right to bring freedom of speech in any debate as per their convenience & our negligence.

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