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A different India painted by Indian media post 2014

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Liberal Right
Liberal Right
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If you read and watch Indian media, and more importantly believe all the things they say, you certainly think that since 2014, India has been a different place altogether.

Suddenly, Indian people have become intolerant. Majoritarian rule has dawned so religious minorities (especially Muslims) are horrified. Fringe elements on the right have been empowered by this ‘sympathizing’ government and they started pursuing their agenda brazenly. It all started with church attacks. Some elements in media gave it a religious spin, but in the end it turned out to be a law and order situation. Then comes intolerance and award-wapasi.

The tragic incident of Akhlak’s death has triggered an award returning spree. The so called ‘liberals’ started returning their award in the protest against the central government. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh. Law and order is state’s responsibility. Samajwadi Party was in power in the state at that time. And yet, the award-wapasi gang returned the awards in protests against BJP and PM Modi. Why? Because the PM did not say a word against the incident. They are not bothered by Akhilesh not doing anything, but upset because the PM did not speak anything.

Latest entry in this row of manufactured controversies is cow vigilantism. Nobody can be punished by the mob let alone killed even if he has committed a crime. It is definitely a condemnable act. The government must find the culprits and punish them severely, and make sure that in future such incidents never happen. Having said that, I want to iterate that some section of media and many ‘liberals’ have been very biased and selective in reporting such incidents. If a person who is at the receiving end of mob justice happens to be from a minority community, he will get more airtime and print space. But the same is not true if a person is from majority community. In Kerala, many innocent BJP/RSS workers are killed by communists, but you will not see the outrage in mainstream media, print or electronic.

While contemplating about this situation, a question occurred to my mind: Was this selective outrage from media and ‘liberal’ community intentional or their minds are framed in such a way that they feel they are acting naturally? If the second option is the case, then we are not doomed. Through dialogues and conversations, they can be persuaded. Their incorrect perception can be corrected. But if the first option is the case, which seems the case, then we are definitely doomed. You can wake the sleeping person, but you cannot wake a person who pretends to be sleeping. When your intentions are not clean, you cannot be persuaded to change your behaviour.

God save India from such ‘liberals’.

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Liberal Right
Liberal Right
#philosophy #perception #rightpolitics #behavioraleconomics #organizedreligion #wwbd
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