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The accountability for India

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Freedom of Expression is a phenomenal thing. The power to express all emotions good and bad. Strong and feeble. Great power that. Though not all encompassing.

You cannot make rape threat to anyone by virtue of freedom of expression. You cannot threaten to cut someone to pieces by virtue of freedom of expression, not to mention ‘beheading’someone. You cannot apply freedom of expression to tell someone that you will be destroy them. If you stand by someone who made those threats there is every possibility that you could be considered part of conspiracy. Someone accountable would call you out. You ought to face it.

Above are the threats that were made to India by pseudo leftist liberals. Every single Indian had the accountability to call out. Call out, we did. You conspired, we stood up. You wanted to spread the venom, we put a tourniquet. It wasn’t pleasant, but it worked, at least for now, it did.

Now, how are we wrong when we do that? When you sling mud at the sacred feminine that is Mother India you are right. But when we call out the folly of a 20 something girl who cannot differentiate war from peace, we are wrong. When we speak it is extremism, when you speak it is freedom of expression?

We still did what we did with a lot of satirical humor. You got us into the mud slinging because you dragged into it someone very very important to us.Well played, villains. But no, Olive Green has and will have nothing to do in this business. Keep them away.

#IsupportABVP is not politically aligned. It is nationally aligned. The new placard from the queen of placards might not directly violate national interests. But it indirectly does. Remember the sponsors behind stone pelters, the masterminds behind the terrorist attacks- all of those were indirect. Going against ABVP, in this case, is indirectly taking a stand against the nationalistic interest of not letting poison spread. Let’s condemn the violence, the threats and all the works, fake or otherwise. But, dear friends, let us teach  them to respect the motherland, respect for all women would follow.

We Indians are passionate beings. We love passionately. We protect that which we love even more passionately. And as for India, you would have understood by now, that she will be protected.

**Throw back to 2009 when  a ‘premier’ TV channel sent a legal notice for defamation to a blogger for (rightly) calling out on one of their ‘star’ reporters. So as it stands freedom of expression sometimes does have certain limitations.

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