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Not enough outrage

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Another day passed by and another outrage takes place by social media junta. Most of us contribute in this ground by tweets, Facebook posts, trending hashtags or any other means. For some people this ground is a battleground and for some it is just a playground. But sometimes this witless keyboard crusade leaves us with very significant impacts on our life.

Here rules are simple to get support for your voice if look from outside the system but story line is quite different from inside. Today when Twitter is trending with #BoycottCCD at the same time my mind was having some inquisitions as to which factors affect this social media outrage game and I have some findings.

  1. If you are a left supported mid aged college student then you are an emerging star of social media. There will be debate for your #FOE & by then you can be declared most eligible Prime Ministerial candidate, but remember you are not.
  2. Minority tag can get you a lot of RTs and likes from secular personalities, you be treated as snowflake and no one is allowed to cross check your claims or facts. But hey! minority means only religion of peace and religion of love  here.
  3. Being a Dalit may give you reservation in jobs or admissions but on SM if your narrative does not suit the idea of liberal ecosystem then you don’t deserve any of the support by so-called progressive clan. Yet the chances are high for you to get a big support base.
  4. If by any chance you are a man on social media platform that does not help you a bit. No body cares what happens with you if you belong to male gender. You may have beaten, threaten, attacked, abused or same, but no body cares about your kind. You will be branded as criminal before anything and your victimization is not accepted.

This new media is not so different from its big brother MSM. Only and if only your story falls in this outrage friendly scope then good news for you. You can be next sensation in news and can get thousands of followers and blue tick but if you have failed to do so please go and fight your stupid battle alone.

There will be no one to support you and no one will be ashamed as society because you are a male.

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