Derek Oberin thinks Twitter will do coup in West Bengal

TMC’s Rajysabha MP Mr. Derek O’brien yesterday said in Rajysabha, “There are few twitter users, who are planning coup against the West Bengal Government.”  Naming some of the twitter users, Mr. O’brien put it to notice of the Chairman that such people of twitter has Nuclear formula with them and they can use that to over throw his poor Didi’s government.

Mr. O’brien blamed PM Narendra Modi for following people who follow such power full twitter people, who can start world war three with their tweets exposing fabrication of news and misleading done by Main stream Media. Mr. O’brien made the house aware that he has all the Riots (Rights) to convert one run into two run and converting theft in church into attack on Indian Christians by Hindu extremist.

Mr. O’brien asked Mr. Narendra Modi to provide him SPG cover to safe guard the life of his twitter account from getting trolled and hacked by twitter trolls. O’brien has demanded to enact a law where he and his Didi’s government can prohibit the Media, in case of they throw some cartoon artist for making cartoon on the social and political conditions of Bengal.

Mr. O’brien closed his speech saying, “Hindus celebrating Kali Puja and Saswati Puja are threat for the Indian culture and peace so such kind of activities are  banned by West Bengal government to promote Freedom of Speech and Right to live.”

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