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The Bhakt Phenomena

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Rise of Donald trump shook the world especially the west liberal intellectual, the election was far more vicious that India has ever seen, not even during first election post partition in India such hateful comments were used against communities or race.

Does Trump becoming president confirms atleast 50% Americans approves his views? Hmm.

It doesn’t seems so, USA has 42.4 million migrants or 13.3 percent of the total U.S population. From 2010 – 2014, around 1 million people obtained legal permanent resident status every year and settled in US.

If half of America approves his views, this hate would have shown some symptoms & not as a shock to the world. You will not be shocked if Iran execute some girls for taking selfie because you know it is possible.

Then, why people has voted Trump?

It’s because of so called “Liberals”, whoever who disagrees with them, they termed him conservative or if he/she is a white than “White Supremacist”.

A racist incident by a white guy has been shown as act by the whole community and the community was made guilty. This community trial has made people to vote trump.

Back home, same template has been used over 3 years.

“Bhakt” which means a devotee in Hinduism for more than 1500 years, has been made to change its meaning recently as “BJP supporters” by our own “Liberals”.

As, liberals has given new meaning to “Bhakt”, using of this word was also their prerogative. Now any Hindu who disagrees with their narratives or views has been termed as bhakt, just like whites are called “White Supremacist”.

When I supported Bullet train, they called me bhakt; when I supported Make in India they called me bhakt. It’s not only about name-calling but emotions attached to this word. They want us to be diffident, a community trial in garb of attacking a political party. This created Bhakt Phenomena.

Bhakt Phenomena generates strong emotions in both ends, it hardened the stance. Liberals in their hate, forget the difference between opposing a bhakt & country. Bhakt called them “Anti National” a far more powerful word which generates stronger emotions.

Cheerleaders for using “Bhakt”are now whining being called “Anti National”.

Thousands of Op-ed being written explaining who is anti-national, who is nationalist, etc. These were flooded by liberals to only make Bhakt Phenomena strong.

I hope when our elite liberal understand this, Bhakt phenomena will settle.

A new dawn where name-calling of any one with open mind and opposing ideas will not be mainstreamed

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