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Pakistan – A Suicidal Journey

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From the very inception of the concept of Pakistan, it has been on a path of destruction. The forefathers’ of Pakistan tried an experiment of creating a nation based on religion. This is not the fundamental requirement for creating a nation, but may be in some remote sense a driving factor. The one single statement the boomed over all the rest of logic was “Hindus and Muslims cannot live together, not just because of their different religious believes but different culture as well and last but not the least different civilizations”.

The very concept of “Different Culture” was the biggest deception that was propagated to the simple and ignorant Muslims of this subcontinent. This “Different Culture” the separatist leaders had created for the cause of partition! Was basically born, nurtured and flourished in the northern parts of Indian Subcontinent, predominately in the current state of Uttar Pradesh.  But the separatist leaders with their Tughluqui ideals (Muhammad bin Tughlaq – The Mad King) decided to move it to the western parts of the subcontinent which they wanted to call Pakistan. Such delusions are rarely seen among strong leaders because it’s a practical impossibility. But yet they did it anyway. This was the first step towards destruction for Pakistan. My personal guess! What they were keen about was the greed for political power which would have remained unfulfilled in an undivided India.

The second most important cause has gone unnoticed of quite a long time is “Different Civilizations”?  The civilization of this subcontinent predates history and as rightly said by Eenam Gambhir, First Secretary at India’s Permanent Mission to the UN “‘From the cradle of civilizations’ to the ‘Ivy League of terrorism'”.  Will certainly not discuss terrorism at this point but there is no doubt that the banks of the river Indus used to be the cradle of civilization. So today’s Pakistan was the cradle of human civilization. But the power hungry leaders of forthcoming Pakistan wanted to disown their own heritage, culture and civilization for the concept of Islam; which was also a part of that very civilization. Even a half educated moron knows the culture and civilization cannot be imported it is indigenous to the land. Hence Pakistan at an institutional level started to disown their greatest wealth for some fancy yet hegemonic culture. This they nourished and took care to create the Frankenstein the walks over their land today.

The time was 1946 and partition was at full swing this was the particular time bargaining for many things were of extraordinary priority but the disillusioned Islamic Pakistani Leadership had kept their brains somewhere else and were more interested in land area, Muslim population, Islamic Military and lastly the national assets! Whereas India was lobbying hard for the Princely States to join India. (though the offerings were much less to the Rulers in comparison to Pakistan). So at the end of the bargain Pakistan got the following

  • Land Area – 23%
  • Muslim Population – 20%
  • Islamic Military – 33%
  • National Assets – 17%

These were accepted by both the parties but of course with certain minor disagreements. The mindset of the Islamic Leaders was to take back India at their own will; as if it was going to be a cake walk. So they were more interested in the military and less with the assets which they needed to sustain the army.

Now with partition complete they had to understand the fundamental fact the East Pakistan (known as East Bengal till 1955) was far away! And the only thing that was holding together was Islam, that too by a thin thread. Not to mention the giant adversary and diversity of India standing in between them. Then what happened is a well known chapter of global history. But will surely add that India acted in self defense. Thus concludes the fourth suicidal step. Which they keep blaming India for some reason or the other; but actually The Frankenstein (33% military) was responsible but nobody expected them to confess and by that time  Frankenstein knew it was indispensable at the same time it had its new victims ready back home.

But maintaining such large military needs to be justified and their financial needs are to be met. So what was once part of the glorious Indian Military has just turned itself into mercenaries? Anybody who is ready to pay can hire this group of Military standard Mercenaries and to top that all this Military / Mercenaries / Army has a country at it’s’ disposal. But Military rule has placed the final nail in Pakistan’s coffin by dealing with the Chinese. For the Army’s own survival they needed the Chinese funds but they had no idea that it was a deal of servitude. The deal should be read here as CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). In this China gains everything and Pakistan looses everything. It has been China’s long dream have it’s own warm water port and their only adversary was India. India knew this will decrease China’s production cost and slash transportation cost by 14.8%, also save the Chinese 4 days in transportation. Just a couple of years ago we had heard of the Gwadar Mega Oil City but unfortunately for the people Gwadar the latest budget has forgotten to even mention it. Reason? China never had any plan for the Oil City they just wanted the port.

Atop it all Gwadar is located in Balochistan which is a Pakistan occupied territory and facing tremendous opposition from the people of Balochistan. But thankfully for the Chinese the Pakistani Army are protecting the CPEC and the Chinese personnel working there at huge expense of the Pakistani tax payers’ money. Pakistan even had to take massive loans at abnormal interest rates and had also issued bonds in order to arrange the extra finance needed and dedicated just for CPEC. They have to start paying back the money by November 2017, just for the reader’s knowledge CPEC is not a one sided Chinese investment it’s also a loan. So China builds something that they need on Pakistani soil with no benefit for the people of Pakistan. So what would you call it partnership or a step towards colonial rule? The last time the British got into the subcontinent the strategy was similar in nature.

Now Pakistan is in dire situation of a spiraling debt crisis. China is waiting like a wolf for the situation to worsen when they can strike the bargain and so is the western world to turn Pakistan into a colony once again. So the big question is who is will get Pakistan out of this scenario. The naked truth is! No one. As far as India is concerned they have been planning for this situation for decades now. Pakistani experts state that there are ways out of this crisis but the fact is this is not a debt crisis this is a debt trap which has been planned eight decades ago. China will desperately try to protect it’s investment but the Pakistani civil turmoil will trap China as well. So ultimately who gains from this silver lining well laid conspiracy. Any common man will name the obvious name ‘India’.

But the actual beneficiaries are the people who were trapped under the name “Pakistan” which was the cause of much bigotry like

  • Destruction of culture
  • Tormenting people in different pretext
  • Tremendous human rights violation
  • Extermination of ethnic groups
  • Prosecution of minorities
  • Strangulating freedom of speech
  • Kashmir & many more


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