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Open Letter to Indian Communists

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To all those who consider themselves as communists,

I’ve always been fascinated by the revolutionary ideas of the Karl Marx. His ideas uplifted labors and peasants in Russia. The way his thoughts eradicated the oppressive rule of ‘Tsar’ is really commendable. The society free from any religion, caste, sect is preferred by most of the atheists and humanitarians. I was enchanted to be communist and bring the revolution in my beloved country. But instead of following blindly to these Indian Marx, I decided to study the Communist movement started long back. As I studied about Indian Communists I got upset. Indian communists movement was taking the thought of Marx  to dilapidation.

As I went further on studying I was getting bigger blows. Just to repeal my scruple I approached few people working with the communist organisations but instead of answering my queries they called me Sanghi and escaped. As I have no any way to approach any communist who can give scholastic answers to my mediocre queries, I’m putting this for all the communists out there.

As the Marx had proposed communism to eradicate the established political, social, and economic structures like majestic rules, capitalism, democracy, hereditary politics, fascism. The Indian communists pretends as if they care much about the the democracy. My question is “If you are communist then why do you talk for democracy? should you not stay loyal to your own philosophy of commune?  We Indians have thousands of democratic parties and we don’t need a pseudo communist party.

CPI’s poster of Bike Rally for Democracy

Communists standpoint on Naxalism always seems to be dubious. As Communists did never condemn the Naxalite attacks. Some sources even say that some communist organizations have celebrated the killings of police officials by naxalites. There are many proofs out there which bespeaks liaison of communists and naxals. Yet no any communist leader condemn naxalite activities in India. You keep commenting about every small issue but you keep quite on such gruesome threat to the national integration. Is your silence  a sufferance to brutality and genocides. Reference [1]

The most fascinating thing in the communism is that there is no place for religion cast or sect. Marx said “Religion is the opium of masses” and commune system has got nothing to do with the idea of religion. But as I’m watching, the whole politics of the Indo-Communists is reviving around the religions. Communists are doing the same appeasement politics which is the tradition of Indian politics. Communists seems to be more attached to India  Muslims and Dalits. And the unavoidable embitterment for Hindus especially for Brahmins is part of indo-communist DNA. Communists have mastered the idealism of caste politics.

Poster of CPI(Maoist) provoking against the Brahmins  and Hindus.

Another good thing about the communist doctrine is there is no place for the nepotism or the hereditary politics. But as I went to the practical ground of the communism, I saw fascism, hereditary politics, chaos. Everywhere communism was introduced it led to the chaos, anarchy and finally ended on the fascist rule. I checked communist ruled Cuba,after Fidel Castro the crown went to Raul Castro. In North Korea after Kim Jong-iL, Kim Jong-un wore the diadem. I skipped to comment on his heavy handed rule here.  You will always defend his barbarous and savage acts to your death.

We all Indians have immense respect for our national idols. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar is one of the leading names of our heroes. Now you pretend that you are an Ambedkarite but as I dug into the past, shocked by the statements of  your leader, “Burn your ballets but don’t vote for Ambedkar.”Now just to misguide the genuine Ambedkarites for your destitute politics you are using his name it is really exasperating. Babasahab always stood against you and now on which moral grounds are you branding him as a comrade. Is it not a disgrace to the efforts he took to keep you away from my beloved country. Here is what Dr Ambedkar said about you  Reference[2]

You came out in the opposition of the capital punishment. Its great to stop the capital punishment but your condemnation for the capital punishment seemed a lot selective to me. If I’am not wrong you condemned the hanging of Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon. Is it a coincident that both are terrorists? and both were punished for carrying out mass killings in India. You never came out when non terrorists were being hanged. Why this love for terrorists? You condemn the lawful hanging of Yakub but dare not to talk about Tianmen square massacre. Never condemned the millions of killings by naxalites instead of that you celebrated the killings of the CRPF jawans. We people of India believe in the integral humanism so we don’t need any quackery humanitarian rights to hide our sins. Every time the court prosecutes under 124(a) you rush for them as if someone innocent is being prosecuted. But you always fail to show your aptness for the real threats to this land.

I always have had thought that communism was primarily to eradicate the crony capitalism. But when I looked back in the history of communists in West Bengal and caught up with the incident in Singur and Nandigram, where communist government was totally in aligned with the capitalists and that too against public will. You besmeared the your own constitution. Either you are not loyal to your own constitution or you have not read it yet. You fooled the people of WB for 34 years. WB is still fighting for its rights. Where is the revolution you promised? What is difference between you and other political parties?

I’ve listed very few and mediocre questions which popup in my mind whenever I hear think about Indian communism. Is there is anyone out there who can help me out with finding the answers to my questions? Now I’ve strong feeling that Indian communists are not real communists they are just fooling people on the name of Marx and revolution.

“Indian communists are Pseudo Communists.” 

Akshay Bikkad
Fergusson College,Pun

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