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Open letter to Anurag Kashyap over attacking Modi on Twitter

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Dear Anurag Kashyap,

You are very right to attack and blame Narendra Modi because some cinema screen owners have decided not to screen movies that have Pakistani actors in it.

Narendra Modi must have asked them to do it, because you know, sab mile huye hain. Anyone who holds a contrary view to us must be a Modi man. This should be our line of reasoning, because this line of reasoning shows that we liberals don’t reduce things to “us vs them” or put labels on others for disagreement. So I totally support you blaming Modi.

And Modi must apologize for trying to mend relationships with Pakistan. Going to Pakistan to attend a wedding is so much like track-2 type diplomacy that should be reserved only for creative people like us. We should attack this fascist Prime Minister of Sanghis for trying to do what is our birthright. So I totally support you attacking Modi. Modi can’t be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of Bollywood.

Anurag, you should also attack these cinema screen owners. Most of these guys are single screen owners. And you know the kind of people who still go to single screens? Most of them are gutkha eating bhakts. We educated people like Karan Johar are making meaningful movies to tell these gutkha eating bhakts to become champagne sipping liberals, but these cinema owners are blocking our attempts. Disgusting.

But who cares? We get all our money from multiplexes, and these gutkha eating bhakts can’t come there. These bhakts! Anurag, I tell you, they are worse than collections of Bombay Velvet.


I’ve seen these bhakts attack Modi too because Modi is not cancelling Indus Water Treaty or removing Most Favoured Nation status of Pakistan. I mean, this is so funny, bhakts are supposed to be bhakts of Modi, but they attack even Modi. These people can’t even be proper bhakts. While look at us, we never question or attack each other. But they are questioning and attacking Modi that why is he not hurting Pakistan financially.

And since Modi is not doing anything to hurt Pakistan on financial front, these bhakts are trying to boycott Chinese goods and boycott movies starring Pakistan actors, so that China or Bollywood (which thankfully is a sovereign nation like China, as we liberals don’t consider Modi as our Prime Minister) can be forced not to give Pakistan any business. Look at their audacity!

To oppose these bhakts, we must give more business to Pakistan, and to China too. Anurag, your next movie should be shot in China that stars a Pakistani stars and showcases a story about a peaceful Mujahideen who spends seven years in Tibet and converts entire Tibet into a peaceful Islamic country.


Anurag, let’s remember one thing. The power to boycott people or entities is the exclusive right of us liberals. Every time these bhakts try to boycott something, we must protest. But we should continue to boycott filmmakers who don’t agree with us by threatening not to attend film festivals or literature festivals that dare to invite those who disagree with us.

Please do more Anurag and expose Modi and these bhakts. Because anything you do will be turned into a news article and prime time debate, and people still believe the media Anurag.

We can win this war.

We can defeat Modi.

Bharat Mata Ki Aisi Taisi (Democracy).

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