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Hypocrisy and hollowness of the Regressive Liberals of India

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A middle class Indian.

The Indian left, much like it’s western counterpart has become inherently regressive. The glorification of archaic and patriarchal Islamic practices has become synonymous with progressiveness and secularism for them. People like Shehla Rashid are leading left-wing student movements in central universities. She is the one who wrote this article. If Marx or Stalin would have read it, they would have shot themselves. Karl Marx’s views on religion were crystal clear, whoever wants to read them can easily do so online. Stalin was much more militant in his views, he closed the Mosques in the Soviet Union and tried to forcibly get rid of the Hijab.

The bonhomie between the Islamists and the communists that we see today is against the very nature of communism.

The term regressive-left was coined by the Islamic reformer and one of the greatest speakers against the Islamist movement, Maajid Nawaz in his book, “Radical: My journey from Islamist Radicalism to a Democratic Awakening”. It is an amazing read, you can buy it here. There are many characteristics of the regressive leftists but the most important one is, they don’t oppose, and sometimes support the bigoted beliefs of the minority community. The left in the west criticizes / abuses the majority religion (Christianity) with ease, but ask them to say a word against the Hijab and they will loose their minds. Same is the case with the leftists in India, they have contempt for Hinduism while they actively support sharia loving bigots like Gilani and the Kashmiri Freedom strugge. You can read my analysis of the same here.

Keeping our personal religious bias aside, if we analyse the actions of these regressive liberals and the so called ‘elite’ of the country, who more often than not tow the same line on many socio-political issues, the hypocrisy becomes evident. On one hand they enjoy mutton biryani, beef curry and are very vocal about their rights to eat ‘whatever they like’, while on the other they make emotional appeals to have a peaceful Diwali, as the sound scares the dogs. As it turns out, cows are not animals worth saving because the minority enjoys their meat, while a dog’s life is much more valuable. I wonder if they would fight for the right of some North Eastern tribes who cosume dog meat.

I have gone through multiple forums, I am yet to hear a logical argument that justifies this hypocrisy. If you have one, please post it in the comments.

How many JNUites praised Heena Sidhu who refused to wear a Hijab, or overtly supported Ayan Hirsi Ali in her struggle? Genuine Islamic reformers like Irshad Manjhi and Maajid Nawaz are branded as Islamophobes, while intellectuals like Sam Harris are abused online for their logically sound views. People like Taslima Nasreen and Tarek Fatah are considered ‘communal’, agents of ‘hindutva’. The voice of those demanding “Azadi from Oppression” for the Kashmiris are silent on the oppression of women in Islamic socieities.

It’s about time that we call out these so called liberals for their hypocrisy and selective bias. We need a strong right wing liberal narrative to counter the nauseating regressiveness of the left.

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A middle class Indian.
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