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A Sad Time for India

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A middle class Indian.

A dangerous narrative is being peddled by a section of media and the so-called liberals in this country trying to defile nationalists and nationalism. Quotes like, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” are being thrown in TV studios and twitter spats without proper context and without understanding the background of the person who said it, trust me he was no liberal. This article is a humble attempt to put forth some sensible arguments.

We live in a savage world surrounded by wolves with nuclear weapons who crave for our territory and suicidal religious zealots who want to kill the Kafirs, wherever they find them. Secular Humanists and liberals are trying to propagandise a utopian outlook that is transcultural and multilingual. They think of ‘Nationalism’ as regressive and divisive. They wish for a planetary society were the differences of ethnicity, language, culture, nation, religion etc. will not exist, a very noble thought. The problem is, we are not ready for that and in a country like ours, advocating such an idea to our children would be a horrendous mistake. A country surrounded by enemies needs her citizens to be vigilant, patriotic and nationalistic. Degrading the concept of nationalism will only make the country weaker. While we preach humanism and utopian concepts of global societies to future generations our enemies will teach their children to love their country. Humanism is important, but nationalism is equally important. The people who live away from their families and friends in terrible conditions so that we can enjoy our ‘freedom’ deserve our admiration. Glorification of the army is important so that future generations don’t look at our saviours with contempt, as many in the left want them to, but with pride and admiration. We as a country need to stand united against our enemies, internal and external. This love and respect for the country is called ‘Nationalism’.

There are bad apples in every basket, Indian army is no exception. However, painting an entire institution as ‘rapist’ is not only unfair but as rightly pointed out by many a people on the right, anti-national as well. No sane person would celebrate if a 10-year-old gets blinded by a pellet gun, but blaming the security forces and sometimes the army (which doesn’t use pellet guns) for it is intellectual dishonesty. The culprits here are the parents of the child who encourage him to throw stones instead of going to school, the culprits are the separatists, who send their children to universities abroad and incite the children of common Kashmiris to pick up arms against the Indian state, the culprits are the leftists of JNU who glorify terrorists like Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru, the culprits are the so-called secular humanists and liberals who instead of criticising the stone pelters, sign petitions against the security forces of India.

The cognitive dissonance of these pseudo-liberals becomes self-evident when we see a lack of criticism of the Islamists in the Kashmir valley. Their voices were silent when Kashmiri Pandits were ethnically cleansed from the valley. Not a single author returned his / her award when Neelkanth Ganjoo was shot in broad daylight. But leave the past, even if we see the present discourse, Burhan Wani, who is being advertised as the hero of the ‘Kashmiri Independence Movement’ , his views about Kashmiri Pandits and Kafirs are not being discussed, his Islamist mindset is not being condemned. A bigoted terrorist is being eulogised in the name of liberalism and humanism. His Islamist supporters are being shown as victims to further demonise the Indian security forces.

This is a sad time for India, not because of what has happened in Hyderabad, JNU or Kashmir, but because people are being looked down upon for loving their country and their army.

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A middle class Indian.
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