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How the so-called secular-liberals abuse women on social media and get away with it

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Recently we have seen new energized outbursts against social media specifically by the one who are getting exposed by it and some of those getting genuine threats.

During an interview one journalist asked Finance Minister to stop trolling and do something about it. Though It was a stupid question and the minister could have told the journalist to not waste his time, the response by Mr Arun Jaitley was very polite, precise, and apt – “Ignore or Digest it”.

And the journalist was left speechless.

The truth is – these journalists are not worried about “trolling”, but democratization of narrative that social media has enabled.

This bothers a certain privileged class who had full control on the narrative through the mainstream media. Their kingdoms of TV and newspaper are threatened by the new colonies of Twitter and Facebook. This class addicted to control the news on their whim and fancy are the one bothered most by this revolution of information dissemination.

This class, high on their flattering English vocabulary and nightlife, feels repulsed when they face Bharat of small cities with their cultural values and respect for the nation intact. May be it is guilt or shame, but something does strike them like a bullet, and they do their best to overpower them. And on the constant target of this class is the Dharmic right wing, whom they want to paint as root of all evils.

One of the most frequent spat we see on Twitter is between journalists of NDTV and the right-wing. NDTV is known for its notorious news and false reporting and it keeps getting exposed with regular Twitter, which is why it hates the social media the most.

But why does social media hate NDTV? Let’s have a brief analysis of what special NDTV does to attract it?

In this tweet, an AAP supporter is seen passing extreme vulgar statements, but instead of condemning that, star journalist of NDTV Barkha Dutt ended up supporting her:

Barkha's spin
Spinning narrative to show the abuser as the abused

Another NDTV journalist, who can be better termed as junior Barkha Dutt, felt excited after knowing that PM Narendra Modi (then the Chief Minister of Gujarat) was down with Swine Flu.

Hate of NDTV
Vicious hatred that leads someone to wish someone dead?

There are countless such tweets and examples showing hatred that NDTV has for the right-wing and how they have spun information to malign the Dharmics. In the famous interview with IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, a question was asked if development of India was only for only Hindu males, and it was cheered by Prannoy Roy.

My personal experience with this ugly face of NDTV came up during “March for India” near India Gate last year, where a journalist from NDTV first abused and harassed a 50+ years old lady and then the channel declared everyone in that March as hooligans and abusive people.

Channel’s lies were exposed on Facebook, because even the common man now has his smartphone to record and broadcast the truth:

Recently, NDTV published an article by Priyanka Chaturvedi, spokeswoman of Congresss, where she wrote about how she received abuses and threats on Twitter. NDTV gave a her an open space, but their journalists never saw how social media warriors of Congress issue regular threats and give abuses to people? Some examples:

Congress language
Gaurav Pandhi, a supporter and part of Congress’ social media team

Not only supporters and volunteers of the IT cell of Congress, but even office bearers of Congress have used abusive language and issued threats on Twitter:

Congress language
Aide of Digvijay Singh and a former office bearer of Congress abuses
Congress language
INC leader and close associate of Rahul Gandhi made vulgar comments on HRD minister Smriti Irani

And top of that, there is no guilt or shame for what they do as they repeatedly do that. Recently editor of Faking News shared his experience and the kind of threat he got from these people. Columnist Shefali Vaidya also shared how vulgar and violent abuses she got from Congress supporters online.

These abusive Congress supporters, who are often engaged by NDTV journalists, target the Right-Wing Hindu women who come from middle class or small town background.

And those expecting Smritii Irani to be sympathetic towards Priyanka chaturvedi (though she did speak in her favor) should see how Priyanka downplays abuse of women in her own party:

Congress language
Answering with whataboutery when asked to condemn abuse

Please Priyanka, we request you to come out and say something now. But how will she, when she herself takes part in such discourse:

Congress language
Radhe Maa is no woman? She has no dignity?

Priyanka Chaturvedi’s approach to make it a political issue is due to reason that she herself has been party to such cheap trolling.

Another talked about point is how these “liberals” create a few handles on their own and then abuse posing as Right Wing. You must remember a story our naani maa used to tell us about the boy who used to cry wolves with villagers. Self defined liberals can definitely play the game, but they must understand they have lost the sympathy of masses now we don’t care anymore.

Because Bharat is rising and will fight back. This Bharat won’t be slave to few elites and families who have ruled over India for decades. This Bharat is “Bharat of merit” and “Bharat of Future” and not the one ruled before.

When we talk about Online Trolling, there is a fine line between giving an apt reply and overdoing it. Whether you are a public figure or are limited to your friends, you have the option to block or mute too. You cannot snatch it away from us the right to present our opinion and to expose you, so better get used to it.

Ignore or Digest we are coming after you.

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