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Congress eco system

Youth has to do exactly what the opposition did in 1967

At a time, when the opposition seems to be in no mood of doing its business what can be a possible solution? Youth. The youth of this nation should take the responsibility of exposing the fragilities of government.

Curious case of the treatment of the deads by Indian people and congress-left-liberal ecosystem

Rajiv Gandhi was the leader of the most corrupt and incompetent government that India has ever seen. This is a reality and no, saying the same, does not amount to disrespecting the dead.

Shashi Tharoor is right – Nehruji made it possible for a Chaiwala to become Prime Minister

The leadership training program of Nehru has created so many leaders, it is no big deal that one of them happened to be a Chaiwala who went on to become Prime Minister.

How the so-called secular-liberals abuse women on social media and get away with it

The kingdoms of TV and newspaper are threatened by the new colonies of Twitter and Facebook.

Decoding Barkha Dutt’s open letter to Prime minister

This open letter from Barkha Dutt to the Prime Minister decodes the hidden message. The words Barkha may not have used.

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