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The Aryan Conundrum

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The Aryan invasion theory was propounded in the early 19th century, trying to explain the connection between the languages of the east and west. It was explained that India, having a rudimentary tribal existence, having no value, was “conquered” by incoming “aryans” on “chariots”, even though languages & ethnicity do not always correspond, there can be an aryan language without there being an ethnically homogeneous “aryan people”, and everything in the ancient past did not always work in the conquer\invasion kind of paradigm, as understood in the modern times. It was also a convenient way of appropriating whatever Indian literature these early Indologists were coming across, and fit in well with the colonial racist enterprise.

When the Harappan,or Sindhu-Saraswati civilization was discovered in early 20th century, the logical conclusion was that the massive Sanskrit literature\and the just discovered highly advanced material culture should be treated as eponymous, and the reasons for abandonment should have been researched in depth. But, no, the theory was changed to imply that the existing material culture was destroyed by warfare, and the “Aryan” code was established on the natives. Here, the paradox being that the native culture was far superior, while the Aryans were just a bunch of vagabonds roaming around on “chariots”!

After a lot of efforts by various archaeologists, anthropologists, geneticists etc. it was finally established that there was absolutely no evidence of any warfare\destruction, or invasion of any kind. In fact, one of the great mysteries of the Harappan civilization has been the lack of evidence of any kind of weapons, not even an arrow head has been discovered, which is astonishing, for a civilization which was among the largest, if not the largest in the ancient world.

Due to all this, the Marxist and the western historians had to change stance, and that lead to the current form of the “mainstream theory”(history is just an interpretation of facts, not the actual fact), which says that a small number of Indo-European (Sanskrit) speaking people came to India, and assimilated with local culture, leaving no genetic evidence, but their language and customs were slowly adopted by the natives, and the influence also spread all across south east asia. It is the same as saying, a bunch of tribal Africans peacefully migrate to England, and the english slowly adopt the tribal culture instead of vice-versa !

To illustrate my point on the continuity of the material culture of India, I would present some Indus seals below. Just for a moment, forget the Harappan civilization, Aryan theory and the rest of it. Just based on your current observation and understanding of the world, if you came across these images, which country\civilization will you associate them with?

I don’t claim to know any absolute truth, but one thing is absolutely certain, the lies that have been told are enormous, and were always designed to tear apart the fabric of India. Division on as many lines as possible, while also massaging the snobbish,supremacist and racist ego of the white man, the latter continues till today. The collaborators on the Indian left, behaved as nothing more than intellectual slaves of either the dead Russian thinkers, or the western “enlightened” man. They were as disconnected from the ground about which they were writing, as the air which has no understanding where it came from and where it is going.

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