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Vedic quest for Shanti- Deciphering Shanti in Vedic era

Shanti is not a mere “happiness” or even “peace”. Shanti purports unison of our intellect with the intellect of our surroundings.

Importance of Vedic knowledge in modern times

We suffered a heavy loss economically, socially and spiritually owing to ignorance of our great Vedic literature. It is time to put our focus back on Vedic knowledge so that our youngsters grow on all fronts.

10 important inventions of ancient India

Ancient India was rich science, it also had a excellent knowledge in the field Medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga), Astrology, Astronomy, Sculpture, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics and many other disciplines.

Is India’s education system sustaining the Left?

Our education system is not in consonance with the land it lives and thrives on!

Impact of democracy in political system of India

The present style of democracy in India was inherited from the British but the core value of democracy is existing still in our system as per Vedas in Ancient India.

The Aryan Conundrum

A theory past its expiry date

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