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BJP get ready for Kurukshetra 2019 Here is your Chakravyuha & Brahmashirsha astras

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BJP get ready for Kurukshetra 2019

Here Are Your Chakravyuha & Brahmashirsha Astras (part 1)


If BJP fails to win the 2019 elections, India will not only remain a poor country forever, but will also disintegrate. This happens to be the longstanding wish of many in India, including those from JNU, supported by the Congress and communist parties. (Also read why Acche Din can come, only if BJP comes to power here. )

The Winning Approach for BJP Ahead of 2019

After nearly two years in power and three financial budgets, it is not at all too late for BJP to prepare for 2019 if it genuinely desires to win.

This year, in which five states are going to the polls, BJP has already lost all of them, except in Assam, where pundits expect a strong fight. Meanwhile, in 2017 there will be only a few states where it will provide stiff competition: Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab. Victory is uncertain in each case, however. Pundits expect this present BJP trend to continue through 2018, considering the way the party has been preparing itself for the election in the last two years. Recent defeat in Delhi and Bihar prove this.

The reason for recent and anticipated losses stems from the way that Mr. Amit Shah leads the party, not from actual government performance.

So it is better to focus on the mother of all elections, with sufficient time available for preparation. If BJP utilizes time constructively between now and then, regardless intermediate losses in state elections, a strong reemergence of the BJP to power in 2019 becomes very possible.

NDA’s 2004 Loss – A Quick Recap:

Though both BJP and Congress enjoyed the same voter base size in 1999 and 2004, Congress managed to steal 40 seats from BJP in 2004. Why? Because Congress focused on rural areas, playing the same old tricks as before: dividing Hindus and increasing pressure on them in the name of Secularism. For Congress, Secularism targeting and is clamping down the majority community. At the same time, they appease other social segments, playing caste cards and poverty cards when BJP focused on the India Shining Campaign.

Congress successfully leverages these caste, community and religious cards to its advantage. For this reason, they have enjoyed power for 60 of the 70 years since independence, even though they have failed to deliver a major part of India from deplorable education and poverty, without proper infrastructure.


Why Congress Lost to NDA in 2014:

  1. This loss occurred as a result of two successive terms of anti-incumbency and a series of major corruption scandals. Most coalition partners, along with their own party’s senior leaders, deserted the party, fearing they would lose the election before the polls were announced. Modi surged into power, the powerful orator with the support of able campaign managers, and the poll guru, Amit shah, delivering a spectacular performance at Utter Pradesh. He enjoyed a clear majority, after three decades in Indian Politics finally a party had its own majority.
  2. Congress not only lost the election, but also failed to become an opposition party, being unable to gather necessary seats. They did, however, bounce back in the Bihar elections with an anti-Modi campaign, where the Nitish Kumar government owns the election with the thumbing majority. Though there are several reasons for this victory, the primary factor is that BJP cannot succeed against united opposition.

To win the state elections from 2017 (considering we have already lost all 2016 state elections) and to win the mother of all elections subsequently in 2019, BJP must trap opposition inside the Chakravyuha, then kill them using


Brahmashirsha Astra. Brahmashirsha Astra is four times more powerful than the Brahma-astra. I recommend using 3 Brahmashirsha Astra. However, Prime Minister Modi can determine usage on a situational basis during the final leg of Kurserthra war. Even in Mahabharata, only Parasurama, Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Ashwatthama and Arjuna possessed the knowledge to use this. In Kalyuga, I am certain that only Prime Minister Modi is able to use Brahmashirsha Astra.

Goals for the BJP PARTY to prepare Chakravuuha:

“The secret of successive winning is for the ruling party to consider itself to be the main opposition party. By doing this, they not only maintain combat mode, but remove the opposition space.” – Kanimozhi

  1. It appears that the reelected party leader, Amit shah, has lost his mojo and enthusiasm after the beating BJP received in Bihar. BJP must re-strengthen its cadres, because as soon as it gained power in 2014, it made serious attempts to increase party membership. This included talk of a drive for ten crore party members drive and more, which dissipated quickly. Winning an election requires cadres, and they must be educated and energized.
  2. Of the five states going for to the polls this year, Tamil Nadu is one of the largest. BJP has done nothing credible in the last two years to increase party strength. The election date has been announced as of today, and they haven’t even secured a single, proper coalition partner. They tried to recruit the Vijayakanth DMDk leader, based on a report given to a BJP leader.

“If you think I am still in the NDA, why didn’t your leaders see me during their Chennai trips, and why wasn’t I told before your party decided to admit Sarath Kumar?” he reportedly asked Javadekar, according to the BJP source.

Attempts by Murlidhar Rao and Pon Radhakrishnan to placate the Captain failed, even as the DMK stepped up efforts to seal a poll pact with him. After forming the rainbow alliance for the 2014 LS polls, the BJP failed to convene any meeting of its allies. Neither did it participate in joint agitations. This is the current scenario across the country: zero action at ground level and no coordination with vital partners.

  1. The party needs a superior spokesperson. If it cannot find one within the party, it should recruit from another party or outsource this crucial role.
  2. BJP leaders should allow more from within party to promote up the ladder, not forgetting the ladder they climbed themselves. Loosing Prasanth Kishore, forgetting the likes of Dahyaji Gobarji Vanzara, and even likes of those Sadhvi Pragya and Shrikant Purohit will not give confidence to loyal party members or new ones considering joining the party.
  3. BJP should begin working with the government closely, to pass bills that satisfy party workers and its voters.
  4. The party should focus only on states where it has low presence or none at all. For instance, it should focus on Tamil Nadu, rather than focusing on the states like Gujrat, where it will win easily.
  5. The party should develop a proper ecosystem, similar to Congress at the earliest, with government help. It must set the present agenda for the nation to follow, rather than answering opposition accusations redundantly. For example, rather than boasting about the excellent budget presented by the Government or jumping to the street to create awareness of Chidambaram and his sons foreign Investment scam or the Irshat Jahan case, the party remained silent, later started defending against opposition charges on Rohit Vermula and JNU, which the party had nothing to do with anyway.
  6. Instead of being a ruling party and setting the narrative and agenda for the nation to follow, BJP resembles a mute spectator. While BJP leaders and workers are getting killed by several parties in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bihar and West Bengal, BJP offers no protest whatsoever, while congress continues to obstruct parliament even over flimsy issue or manufactured issues, such as church attacks.
  7. The party should form a party media wing, with its own channels and magazines, employing excellent multilingual, educated young men and women as spokespersons across India, trained and educated on party policies and the sins of the opposition.
  8. The party must find a new coalition partner, while preserving current partner intake. BJP seems to fail both at recruiting new partners and retaining old ones.

These proposals must happen for the party to succeed in the 2019 elections. The current strategy will fail, and there are no easy alternatives. A serious, all-encompassing effort must take place. But there is more. These points are only one half of the solution. Stay tuned for a second installment to learn the second half of this vital chakravuya  and Brahmashirsha Astra.

(To be continued)

You can reach the author through tweeter @kanimozhi. Also you can join the tweet group @kuruksetra2019 to Share your idea and support BJP for 2019

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Indian. Nationalist Living in USA Uttah since 2002. Single Mother. Engineering Electromechanical Consultant MC Engineering Company, Salt Lake City, Utah
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