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Murders of BJP members and media apathy

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Ashish Tickoo
Ashish Tickoo
A Kashmiri Pandit in Exile -Born Kashmiri, Brought up Dogra.

Today I woke up to the news that a BJP/RSS Member, Sujith, was hacked to death in front of his family allegedly by CPM members after they entered forcefully into his house in Kannur, Kerala in the middle of night. Sujith was attacked with swords and his aged parents were attacked too as they tried to stop assailants. BJPs Kerala state president expressed sorrow & anguish over the murder while sharing the sad news of the murder of 27 year of old Sujith.

Murder of BJP/RSS members in not new especially Kerala. Sujith´s murder adds to the series of murders of BJP/RSS members & its allies in recent times all around India.

In Bihar, on 13th Feb, BJP State Vice President Visheshwar Ojha was shot dead by unidentified gunmen. Ojha had just entered his car after meeting a relative at a marketplace when the assailants, who had their faces covered, fired at him.

Ojha’s murder was the 2nd murder of a BJP leader in 24 hours in Bihar. Few hours before Ojha was murdered another Bihar BJP leader Kedar Singh was shot dead in Chhapra, Bihar while he was returning from his sister´s home.

Even Ram Vilas Paswan´s LJP, an NDA ally seems to be facing the brunt of associating with BJP. Senior LJP member Brijnath Singh was murdered by 3 gunmen who fired 10 rounds of AK-47. Brijnaths wife had in past fought election against Rabri Devi.

In Gujarat, On Nov 2, 2015  Shirish Bangali (former president of BJP’s Bharuch unit) and Pragnesh Mistry, general secretary of BJP’s youth wing, were shot dead at a printing press. 7 arrests were made in this murder by ATS, Gujarat. ATS claimed that murders were done on behest of Dawood´s aide Javed Chikna who is hiding in South Africa who paid 50 lakhs as supari.

Not just murders, even rape of BJP workers seems to have escaped the attention of our unbiased mainstream media. In Tripura, a BJP worker was brutally raped in-front of her husband & 5 year old son in CM Manik Sarkar´s constituency allegedly by CPI(M) hardcore members.

None of these murders have been splashed across the front pages of dailies. None of these murders have become talking points of debates at prime-time. No anchor has railed on this issue for days on an end. No awards have been returned in protests of murder of BJP members (a la murder of rationalists). No bogey of rising intolerance to BJP members has been raised.

Ignoring murders and crimes which dont suit a certain ideology seems to be getting common in Indian main stream media. Take the examples of murder of Prashant Poojary or riots in Malda. Both incidents media was forced to be reported after days of Social Media outrage. On the other hand it is the same Media which portrayed “attacks” on churches in Delhi or an unfortunate rape of a nun in West Bengal as communal. While twisting and debating the stories as if Christians were attack in Modi´s India, same media didn’t event bother to report the real truth of these reports later on. Most of the “attacks” were burglaries or incidents with no communal link and the culprits of the Nun’s rape were Bangladeshis, not RSS workers as was being alleged earlier.

How do some murders hvaing some common link get lesser coverage in our media? Where as cooked up “communal” attacks are enough to create a narrative? Why the series of murders of BJP/RSS leaders isnt getting the attention it deserves. Are they lesser Indians? God forbid, but if similar murders would have happened in Congress or AAP leadership, would media have ignored them too?

But what to say when it is the same media who ignored the their fellow journalist who was burnt alive in UP. Irony is that on day of Sujiths murder #BJPkeGunde is trending  on twitter.

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Ashish Tickoo
Ashish Tickoo
A Kashmiri Pandit in Exile -Born Kashmiri, Brought up Dogra.
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