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There have been acts of intolerance, but the average Indian is as tolerant as earlier

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All the acts of intolerance which we have witnessed in past few months be it Dadri murder case, or threatening people of getting out of country for what they eat or because of their religion or slamming fatwas against the creative work of an artist, killing of rationalist and forcing apology from a writer for writing, have come from politicians, religious leaders and political and religious organisations.

I don’t see any common man self motivated and taking a self initiative to act intolerant. Personally I see the both sides of this intolerance debate be it right or left religious or political as the clash of elites to secure the privileged position and using the common individual as an instrument to fight their own ideological battles. This has been happening for long in history. They are all free to say anything but the consequences of it are practically borne by artless common individuals.

I’m yet to witness an act of intolerance self initiated by a common individual for political religious or ideological motives forsaking his/her daily struggle for livelihood. And isn’t that individual regardless of his/her of any kind of majority or minority is actually in majority and is the real India?

And in the generalized statements we concede a space to the actual culprits of intolerance to escape by distributing the onus of the crime equally over every individual in the country. How is this approach going to solve the problem?

What else could be our condition when the hot topics of intellectual discussion of our country are either opinions which are never fully factually correct or the facts which are useless or have not much immediate bearing on a common individual’s life.

Development comes when there’s a culture of development. Democracy comes when there is a culture of democracy. Till then it’s all a game of vested personal interests or egoistical satisfactions of biases.

Our priorities as citizens of the national are badly fucked up and this is being exploited by everyone in a better or higher position in society to manifest and perpetuate their position-be it Politicians, Media, business tycoons, elite leftists or rightists, religious leaders of every religion.

PS: views are dynamic and evolving for better perspective and fact based empirical logical clarity as opposed to idealistic assertions.

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